Argh! After spending a half hour printing, clipping and sorting coupons each week the unthinkable happens—a coupon won’t scan at the register. Now how can we get savings when the ding-dang coupon isn’t scanning?!?

Here are several reasons why coupons won’t scan and what Krazy Couponers can do to prevent it:

Low on Ink: Milking that printer cartridge for all it’s worth? That can mean barcodes that won’t print clearly and won’t scan. Make sure the ink level is right when printing coupons.

PDF coupons (Portable Document Format): PDF files mean multiple coupons, but some store scanners won’t read those barcodes. Learn more here.

GS1 DataBar Symbols: Some coupons no longer have a standard UPC barcode. Instead, they can have a more detailed databar, which reduces coupon fraud. Learn how to educate cashiers at this post.

Extreme Couponing Tip: Dude, My Coupon Won't Scan!