Rebates are a great way to save, especially when combined with coupons. Sometimes a rebate is like a shopping double whammy.

Most rebates must be redeemed by mail, although some instant rebates are redeemed immediately at purchase. Some stores offer rebates, but most often rebates are offered by manufacturers.

To make the most of a rebate, you must save original receipts and mail them in with the proper rebate form.

Follow these tips to find products offering a rebate:

  • In the store, look for hanging tags or stickers on a product that read "Try Me Free" or "Mail in Rebate.”
  • Consider a site like, which aggregates rebates for furniture, appliances, décor, etc.
  • Download the app Mr. Rebates and visit the site to find available rebates on cosmetics and beauty products, clothing and more.
  • Look at coupon blogs like and other coupon forums like SlickDeals.
Extreme Couponing Tip: Where to Find More Rebates