Have you ever missed a great sale with a high-value coupon because it expired yesterday? So Frustrating!

Experienced couponers know the monotony of looking at every coupon in the binder searching for the expired coupons. There are some quick techniques to make this daunting task easier. They really, ahem, pay off! These four tips range from easy to super-organized:

  1. Use a wet erase marker to make expiration dates stand out. (Pro tip: It MUST be wet erase because dry erase will rub off). Write the expiration date on the outside of the coupon slot. Easy to identify expiring coupons and it comes up with a damp paper towel.
  2. Create a separate divider for expiring coupons. Place this divider, labeled "Expiring," in the front of your binder. Early in the week, pull coupons set to expire during your shopping week and file them in this section. This helps keep those coupons fresh in your mind. At week's end, pull that section and donate (or discard) your expired coupons.
  3. Use one insert page per month. In theory, your binder will have at least three holders per divider (usually there are more). The first holder contains coupons that expire in the current month. The second holder is reserved for the next month and the third for everything later.
  4. File coupons by expiration date. In this method, file coupons by month/day. That way, expiring coupons are always the first page of every section. It does take more time but fewer coupons expire before you can use them. Expect to spend about a half-hour reorganizing your binder to this format.

This has been a guest post by Jennifer from Tucson, AZ
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Waste Not: Outsmart Those Pesky Coupon Expiration Dates