Run to Walmart to score 90% off their Christmas inventory. We found items unbelievably priced as low as $0.09. Scroll down to see some of our favorites, including cookie cutters, plates, gift items, and so much more. Be aware that inventory varies by store.

We noticed that there weren’t any signs in some sections of the store to let us know about the 90% off and the items weren’t marked, but we were able to scan the items with our Walmart+ app to see prices. We would suggest scanning everything Christmas and gift related to see if they’re marked down.

If you don’t have Walmart+ yet, you can head to self-checkout or customer service where they can get you the current price.

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In-Store Deal

Holiday Time Foil Christmas Gnome Gift Tags $0.09 (reg. $0.90)

Holiday Time Merry & Bright Cookie Container $0.09 (reg. $.90)

Holiday Time Christmas Tree Farm Cookie Container $0.09 (reg. $.90)

Holiday Time Santa Cookie Container $0.10 (reg. $.98)

Holiday Time Treat Sack, 18 ct $0.14 (reg. $1.48)

Holiday Time Mini Christmas Lights $0.24 (reg. $2.48)

Holiday Time Snow Globe Gift Card Holder $0.34 (reg. $3.48)

Holiday Time Christmas Shatterproof Ornaments, 28 ct $0.49 (reg. $4.98)

Holiday Time 21-Piece Christmas Cat Toys Stocking Gift Set $0.49 (reg. $4.98)

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Holiday Time Smoked Tugger Braid Ring, 12.87 oz $0.69 (reg. $6.98)

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Holiday Time 8-Inch Rawhide Free Canes, 6 ct $0.69 (reg. $6.98)

Check your local inventory on BrickSeek

Holiday Time 22-Inch Wrapped Rawhide Roll With Chicken, 13.76 oz $0.69 (reg. $6.98)

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Find Your Happy Place Bubble Bath & Shower Gel $0.69 (reg. $6.97)

Holiday Time 300-Count Clear Mini Christmas Lights $0.75 (reg. $7.50)

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Holiday Time Baked With Love Christmas Square Plate Set $0.99 (reg. $9.98)

Holiday Time Earthenware Cookie Jar $0.99 (reg. $9.98)

Holiday Time Winter Wonderland Tree Skirt $1.29 (reg. $12.98)

Gourmet Club Cookie Cutters Set $1.75 (reg. $17.48)

Women’s Rhinestone Snowflake Hat & Gloves 2-Piece Set $1.49 (reg. $14.97)

HoMedics Bubble Therapy Foot Spa $3.98 (reg. $39.98)

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