Kohl's Price Match Policy


Kohl's has a price matching policy, but it comes with a whole lot of nuances and caveats. Today, we'll get into the fine print to help you figure out if Kohl's price matching even applies to your situation. You're going to want to do your homework before you plan on scoring that deal.

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Does Kohl's price match?

Yes. Kohl's will match competitor pricing – as long as you bring in a physical ad. Technically, you're not supposed to bring the ad in on your phone. It's gotta be printed out. Your cashier may or may not care, though.

The competitor must be selling the same exact, identical model of the item you're trying to purchase at Kohl's. If you tick all these boxes, you should be able to price match at your local Kohl's store.

Does Kohl's price match online prices?

If you're shopping on Kohls.com, Kohls will price match select competitors' websites. The competitor must have both physical stores and a retail website, and they can't be a wholesaler.

Does Kohl's match its own online prices?

Yes, Kohl's will match Kohls.com pricing in-store as long as the item is identical.

Is there a Kohl's price adjustment policy?

Yes. You can get a price adjustment at Kohl's for up to 14 days after your original purchase.

You must have purchased the item at Kohls.com or in a Kohl's store, and you must have your original receipt.

There are a handful of circumstances where you won't be able to claim a price adjustment:

  • You can't claim an adjustment on clearance markdowns.

  • You can't claim an adjustment on Kohl's Cares items.

  • You can't claim a price adjustment on BOGO items.

  • You can't use a new promo code to claim a price adjustment.

You also won't be able to claim price adjustments during the week of Thanksgiving – so no claiming Black Friday deals if you shop before Black Friday.

Does Kohl's price match with Costco?

No, Kohl's will not price match Costco or any other wholesale retailer. That means Sam's Club is off the table, too.

Does Kohl's price match with Amazon?

No, Kohl's will not price match Amazon.

Does Kohl's price match Target?

Yes, Kohl's will price match Target.

Does Target price match Kohl's?

Target won't price match just anyone, but they do price match Kohl's. Plus, if you're a Target RedCard holder, you'll get an additional 5% off on top of the price match.

What are the exclusions to Kohl's price matching?

The Kohl's price matching policy has a ton of brand-specific exclusions. You can learn about each one of them here. A couple brands that are excluded are Lovepop and The Honest Company.

You're mostly likely to find exclusions under the following categories:

  • Electronics.

  • Personal care.

  • Premium denim.

  • Footwear.

  • Athletic wear.

  • Sporting goods.

  • Consumables.

  • Premium sunglasses.

  • Toys.

You also can't price match mattresses or makeup – including anything from Sephora's at Kohl's.

Can I use coupons or other discounts with the Kohl's price match policy?

No, you can't use coupons or discount promotions on an item you've price matched at Kohl's.

Can I use Kohl's cash on a price-matched item?

Yes. You can both earn and spend Kohl's cash on an item you price matched. You might not be able to use coupons, but this store-issued currency can be a powerful money-saving tool in and of itself.