You’re gonna die when you see all the different ways you can reuse the complimentary items hotels offer to guests. Yep, all those free toiletries and other goodies you snatch up can have a second purpose. I feel like Ross and Chandler would be really proud of me right now.

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1. Donate toiletries to a good cause.

Clean the World is one of many organizations working to provide sanitary products to people at risk for hygiene-related diseases. Local homeless shelters, women’s sanctuaries, youth homes, etc. usually need these items too!


2. Stock your guest bathroom with extras.

Fill a glass jar with mini toiletries and any other unused freebies for your guests. It’s practical and pretty!


3. Use the toothbrush for cleaning.

Convert the cheap freebie toothbrush into a scrubbing brush for chores.


4. Grate unused soap for DIY laundry detergent.

Combine two parts grated soap, one part borax, and one part washing soda. Use two tablespoons per load.


5. Take the mini toiletries to the gym instead of your own.

They won’t weigh down your bag, and you won’t care as much if they get lost or stolen.



6. Refill empty bottles with your own shampoo, conditioner, and soap before your next trip.

Not only will you save on space and weight, but there is also less potential for disaster in case of a spill.


7. Store dirty laundry in the garment, lingerie, or shoe bags.

If you find a complimentary cloth bag, take it for dirty laundry when you travel.


8. Make a car kit with mini toiletries.

I added mouthwash, deodorant, a sewing kit, lotion, cotton balls, and Q-tips to my car tote.


9. Use the shower cap as a food cover.

Super convenient for bigger bowls.


10. Wrap your shoes in the shower cap when you travel.

It will keep them from dirtying up the rest of your luggage.


11. Fill empty bottles with water and freeze for portable food chillers.

These work great for lunches and picnics. Just make sure they seal tightly!

11 Clever (and Green!) Ways to Reuse Hotel Freebies