The common hanging shoe organizer is full of surprises. Once you discover how it can help organize your world, you’ll stock up on these $5 storage solutions.

I did.

Check out these INSANELY smart, new ways to use hanging shoe organizers, and shop the best storage deals right here.

1. Cut the bottoms off shoe organizer holders to create a gift-wrapping station.


2. Use a hanging shoe organizer as an advent calendar.


3. Attach it to a stroller to hold drinks for the whole family when you’re out and about.

Use zip ties to attach the top portion of a shoe organizer to your stroller.



4. Keep LEGO pieces organized.

You can also use it to organize dolls and Barbies.


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5. Store cold-weather accessories all in one easy-to-grab place.


6. Keep gardening equipment together.


7. Store beauty items behind your bathroom door.

Keep hair spray, lotion, perfume, etc. organized and easily accessible.



8. Use it in your pantry to store water bottles.


9. Maintain your collection of cords and chargers.


10. Make grabbing snacks easy for kids.


11. Keep snacks and toys within reach when you’re on the road.


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11 Insanely Smart Ways to Use a Shoe Organizer