1. Hang things without damaging the wall.

Place strips of painter’s tape on the wall first, then use hot glue to attach paper, posters, or anything else that isn’t worth damaging a wall for. Just peel the tape off when you’re ready for it to come down. This works especially well on brick walls.


2. Create instant tap shoes.


3. Give rugs a non-slip grip.


4. Embellish cards and crafts with homemade beads.

Glue beads onto a nonstick surface like a silicone baking mat, mold, or parchment paper—lifting away from each bead in a slow, circular motion to create a smooth surface. I found that lifting the baking mold up and dropping it down several times as the glue dried helped create a smoother dome on each bead. Once dry, peel away dots and use acrylic paint or nail polish to paint the bottoms.

Note: If you use a silicone baking mat, make sure not to touch the tip of the gun to the mat—it’ll melt.


5. Prevent mold from forming in kids’ water toys by plugging the hole with glue.


6. Stop hanging frames from slipping out of place.

The hot glue not only creates a grip, it also helps push the picture away from the wall for a more even display.


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7. Add texture to arts and crafts by hot gluing a design and painting over it.

Create a design with hot glue on any surface—canvas, eggs, wood, bottles, vases, etc. Once dry, paint over it.




8. Hang lights on brick walls.


9. Make hot glue easily accessible anywhere with hot-glue matches.

Apply a bit of hot glue near the striking end of a match. When you’re on the go and need to fix something in a jiffy, light the match and allow the flame to reheat the glue on your matchstick.

Then, blow the flame out and use the matchstick to spread the glue onto wherever you need it—like buttons that have fallen off, or camping materials when you’re out having an adventure.

Adapted from Lifehacker.


10. Add grip to the bottoms of slippery shoes.


11. Create jewelry for costumes and dress up.

I used colored glue sticks, but if your craft store doesn’t have them, you can use paint or permanent marker to add color once your jewelry has completely dried.

First, create one large blob of glue, a line roughly 13 – 15 inches long (or the length needed to fit around your neck), and a second large blob at the other end. Then, fashion whatever design you’d like and allow the glue to dry. Punch a hole in each end’s big blob, and use string to tie ends together.

12. Plug up used K-Cup holes so they can be reused.

Once plugged up, you can reuse K-Cups for mini popsicle molds, miniature decorative planters, and more. Check out these super creative ways to reuse K-Cups.

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