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13 Ways to Use a Sponge That You've Never Thought of Before!

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1. Make a nail polish remover jar.


Pour nail polish remover over a sponge in a jar and say bub-bye to cotton balls.


2. Keep soap dry when not in use.


The sponge will dry out the soap, stretching its life and preventing a slimy residue from forming on the bottom.


3. Make silent blocks.


Quiet down playtime with these colorful sponge blocks.


4. Get rid of lint or pet fur.



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5. Absorb smells in your fridge.


Sprinkle a bit of baking soda on a sponge and place in your vegetable drawer or on a shelf.



6. Help a plant stay hydrated.


Place a sponge in the bottom of a planter before adding water. The sponge will act as a water reserve and keep soil moist longer.


7. Use it as a pincushion.



8. Seal envelopes.


No more licking gross-tasting envelope glue! Lightly moisten a sponge to get the job done.


9. Sprout seeds.


Never underestimate seeds (or sponges for that matter)! They can grow in surprising environments! Fast-growing seeds (like beans and marigolds) easily sprout in damp sponges. Embed seeds in a sponge set on a plate, and place in a sunny area.


10. Protect surfaces.


Protect wood tables from scratches by hot-gluing small squares of sponge to the bottoms of vases.



11. Keep things cold.


Freeze a sponge and stick it in a Ziploc bag to keep moisture contained.


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12. Use every last bit of a bar of soap.


Don’t toss those last bits of a soap bar! Cut a slit in the middle of a sponge to create a crevice just big enough for your soap bits. Soap will evenly distribute thoughout the sponge when wet.


13. Stop germs from spreading.


Microwave a damp sponge for 60 seconds to neutralize bacteria and stop the spread of germs.


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