1. Tear out the pages in a phone book to wrap breakables.

2. Label boxes with brightly colored duct tape to easily identify where they go.

3. Place styrofoam plates in between breakable plates to keep them safe.

4. Take a photo of connected electronics before the move to know how to reconnect them.

5. Use plastic wrap under lids to seal opened bottles.

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6. Wrap breakables in clothing and linens.

7. Use empty wine boxes for packing wine glasses.

8. Save on moving boxes by using luggage.

9. Rub a bar of white soap over nail holes to make them less visible.

10. Cut a hole in the bottom of a trash bag and slip hangers through.

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11. Keep silverware together by wrapping the entire holder in plastic wrap.

12. Arrange plates vertically in boxes to avoid damage.

13. Pack electric cords in empty toilet paper rolls.

14. Create handles by cutting out upside-down triangles three inches from the top of a box.


15. Put the items you’ll need right away in a laundry basket.

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