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24 Best Cleaning Hacks of 2017

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1. Clean a toilet with WD-40.

The solvents in WD-40 will help dissolve any gunk and lime in your toilet. Spray your toilet bowl for a couple of seconds and use a toilet brush to help scrub away the grime.


2. Drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets into a bottle filled with warm water to clean it.

Let the denture cleaner solution sit overnight, then rinse with dish soap and warm water.


3. Wipe dead bugs off the front of a car with cooking spray.

Apply cooking spray to a car grille and bumper, then use a clean cloth to rub the dead bugs away.


4. Dust paintings (or stucco) with bread heels.


5. Get rid of dust on ceiling fans with an old pillowcase.

Find a soft pillowcase that will attract dust easily—flannel or cotton both work great. Starting from the innermost part of the blade, with one hand on the top of the pillowcase, steadily dust off the fan blade. All the dust will fall into the pillowcase instead of on your head or onto the floor!



6. Spray canned air into a dusty bathroom exhaust fan.


7. Scrub the tub with half a grapefruit dipped in salt.


8. Get rid of soap scum on shower doors and sinks with cooking spray.

Spray the inside of glass shower doors with nonstick spray and watch the scum and hard water residue disappear. Wait 5 – 10 min and go over the door with a clean, absorbent cloth to remove the residue.


9. Scrub away stains in a toilet bowl with Kool-Aid.

Pour a packet or lemon or orange flavored Kool-Aid into your toilet bowl and scrub away the stains with a toilet brush. The citric acid and the abrasive texture of the powder help break down and dissolve stains. Plus, citrus Kool-Aid smells a whole lot better than chemical cleaning solutions!


10. Scrub the gunk out of small crevices in your dishwasher with a toothbrush.

Under the lower sprayer, you’ll find a piece that’s removable. In it, you may see bits of food and other buildup. Rinse the tray in the sink, or use a towel to remove the gunk off the top screen. Then, use a toothbrush to scrub the crevices.


11. Freeze an empty water reservoir to avoid mold growth in between uses.

12. Kill bacteria and remove odors from jeans by putting them in a freezer.



13. Put baby powder on an oil stain and let it soak up the oil overnight.


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14. Use an old sock, Windex, and a travel cup to clean cup holders.

Put an old sock over the bottom of a travel cup, spray with Windex, and twist to remove dirt and grime in cup holders.


15. Remove rust, gunk, and buildup inside a washing machine with Kool-Aid.


16. Dampen a dusting cloth with fabric softener to prevent static cling on plastic surfaces.


17. Clean leather furniture with banana peels.


18. Scour and clean greasy, crusty pots and pans with used coffee grounds.

Since grounds are abrasive, they can help remove buildup from pans. Just add a bit of water and dish soap.


19. Stop germs from spreading by microwaving a damp sponge for 60 seconds.



20. Clean a BBQ grill with a ball of foil.

After you’re done grilling, crumple foil into a ball and rub away the grime. Make sure to use tongs to prevent burns!

21. Remove stains in a dishwasher with lemon Kool-Aid.


22. Condition wood surfaces with mayo.


23. Remove crayon marks on walls and clothing with WD-40.


24. Defrost and prevent ice buildup in a freezer with cooking spray.

Spray directly on a layer of ice in your freezer or along the walls and shelves to prevent ice from forming.


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