I’m a huge pet lover and I’m always spoiling my dog. She has free reign of the house, which means I end up with a ton of fluffy white hair all over my furniture. I don’t mind her being on the couch or bed, but that also means a lot of cleaning on my part. I brush her every day, but no matter what I do—she manages to shed anyway. A year ago I finally bought the best vacuum I could find for her hair, but I can’t vacuum every day. If you’re like me and in desperate need of a few quick ways to get pet hair off of your furniture then you’ll want to check out these five frugal tips!

1. Rubber gloves, balloons and rubber-soled shoes

Rubber generates static electricity when it’s rubbed against furniture fabric—this electricity will attract the pet hair. So next time you’re trying to pull individual strands from your couch, slip on some rubber gloves or use clean rubber-soled shoes. You can also entertain the kids by using an inflated balloon to pick up pet hair!

2. Hairspray

Spray hairspray on a dry cloth and wipe down your furniture. The pet hair clings to the hairspray leaving your furniture pet-hair free! If you’re like me, my stockpile is not lacking for hairspray! Finding another use for it just saves me time and money.

3. Used dryer sheets

Instead of throwing the dryer sheet away, use it to go over your furniture! The pet hair will stick to the dryer sheet, and then you can easily throw it away. The dryer sheet will also freshen your furniture and get rid of pet odor.

4. A kitchen sponge

Slightly dampen a sponge and rub it in one direction to remove pet hair from your furniture. The pet hair will form into a ball allowing it to be easily pulled from the sponge.

5. Velcro strips or Velcro curlers

For small areas, use a Velcro roller to get into the nooks and crannies of the cushions. You can purchase pieces of Velcro strips at your local craft store, or just use some Velcro curlers that you already have (or purchase them from a dollar store). The rough texture of the Velcro attracts the pet hair.

5 Ways to Remove Pet Fur from Your Furniture