Here are the directions for the Halloween Tablescape from our Budget Halloween Party.  To learn where to find the best deal on all supplies needed for this bargain party, read more about our $50 Party Challenge and recreate this party for yourself!


Goodie Bags

10, Mini Lime Green Bags
3 sheets, 12 x 12 Black Scrapbook Paper
10 pages white card stock, optional
Halloween pencils, candy, or games, optional
Spider Tag Template
Glue stick

  • Print out 10 pages of the spider tag template. I prefer printing on white card stock because of the strength of the paper, but if you only have printer paper, it will work just as well.
  • Cut out the purple tags with the spiders on them. Save the other two tags for a future project of your choice. Set aside.
  • Get the black pieces of scrapbook paper and cut them approximately 3 inches wide. It helps to take one of the purple tags you cut out and put it up to the first piece of the black scrapbook paper. You're looking for about a ¼ inch to ½ inch overhang on either side of the tag. Continue to cut the rest of the strips from your scrapbook paper. You should get about 4 pieces in total from each 12 x 12 black sheet of scrapbook paper.
  • Taking a glue stick, glue the back of the top two corners of the tag to the bottom of the black strips of scrapbook paper (please refer to the picture of the bag for a better idea of the look you're going for). Continue to do this to the rest of the paper pieces.
  • Lay the unopened bag in front of you making sure that the bottom of the bag is NOT facing you.
  • Take your strip of paper, flip it over and glue all sides of the strip. I made sure to put a line of glue down the middle of the strip for good measure.
  • Take the glued strip and press it into the middle of your bag. Set aside and allow to dry. Continue those same steps for the rest of the bags.
  • Once they are dry, have fun finding treats you can put inside of the bags. Some great ideas might be Halloween pencils, candy bars, card games, etc. The sky's the limit so long as it fits inside the bag!
  • Once you've filled the bag, fold over the top of the bag to close and you're done!


Take your 3 yard piece of fabric and use it as a tablecloth. No need to sew the edges; they won't really be seen by your guests. If you prefer to have a finished edge and love to sew, then go for it! But, there really is no need. You may find that the fabric is a bit wrinkled and you're welcome to iron it, but I think it kind of adds to the overall spookiness of the table. This fabric becomes the canvas for the rest of your table. It will make all of the items on the table pop!

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This party was planned exclusively for KCL by Simply Chic Living.  
Photographed by Profinish Design.

$50 Budget Halloween Party: Tablecloth and Goodie Bags