Have any empty plastic water bottles lying around? I know I do — I swear, the backseat of my car currently has so many empty bottles rolling around that it looks like a Zephryhills bottling plant. Before you toss your empty bottles in the trash or your recycle bin, check out these nine nifty ways to reuse and repurpose your empty plastic water bottles:



1. Candle Holders

Simply take the cap off the water bottle and then cut off the top of the bottle and turn it upside down. Place it on a flat surface and insert a candle into the hole. Perfect for an impromptu romantic picnic, don't you think?


2. Insect Trap

Take the cap off the bottle. Then cut off the top third of the bottle creating a funnel-shaped piece of plastic. Place your plastic funnel back into remaining bottle and tape it in place. Twist a wire hanger into a "U" shape with right angles at the ends. Make two small puncture holes on each side of the bottle and then insert the wire ends into these holes. Pour a couple of ounces of soda into the bottle and then hang the bottle outside. Flies and mosquitoes will be attracted to the sugary liquid and will fly into the bottle. But since these pests have trouble flying upwards, they will be trapped inside the bottle. Krazy Coupon Lady: 1, Mosquitoes: 0 — Oh Yeah!


3. Piggy Bank

Who says piggy banks have to be pink, porcelain, and well, piggy-looking? For an instant, cheapo piggy bank, cut a 1-inch slit into the side of the bottle. Insert your spare change into this slit. As any Krazy Coupon Lady can tell you, even pennies add up! Oh, and if you are feeling particularly jazzed about all the spare change you collected in your water bottle, seal the slit with a piece of tape and shake your coin-filled bottle around like a maraca while you do a little “Yeah for Savings!” dance.

4. Food Storage Baggie

Cut off the top of the bottle. Fill a plastic baggie (one that doesn't seal) with food or any other item you wish to store. Push the plastic baggie through the neck of the bottle top, fold the edges over, and then screw the cap back on the bottle. Easy, right?


5. Toilet Water Conservation Tool

Place a handful of pebbles or sand in a water bottle and then refill it with water. Submerge this water bottle in your toilet's tank. This submerged water bottle will save your toilet a half gallon to a gallon of water each use. Using a filled water bottle in your toilet tank is a better idea than using a brick because bricks can corrode and break down over time, which can damage your plumbing.

6. Solar Bottle Light Bulb

Fill a plastic bottle with a dash of bleach and four ounces of water. Cut a hole (the hole should be just wide enough for the plastic bottle to pass through it) in the roof of your windowless shed, tree house, or similar structure. Insert the bottle in the hole in the roof and secure in place with electrical tape or super glue. During daylight hours, your solar bottle light bulb can provide up to 55 watts of light from the sun! Just think, if there is an apocalyptic blackout where all electricity fails (like on that TV show Revolution), you’ll be all set with this survivalist trick.


7. Self-Watering Planter

Remove the cap and bottom third of a bottle. Turn the remaining bottle upside down and place the neck of the bottle in the dirt of a potted plant. Pour water into the bottle. This contraption should keep your plant watered for several days if you should go out of town.

8. Seed/Plant Starter

Cut off the bottom third of a bottle. In this bottom portion, add soil, press in seeds, and add in a couple ounces of water. Reattach this bottom portion to the bottle using tape. Screw the cap back on the bottle and store it in a warm place such as your garage. When your seedlings grow a couple inches high, transplant them into a pot or directly into your garden.

9. Yarn Holder

There's nothing worse than getting your yarn tangled while knitting. To prevent this, cut off the bottom third of a bottle and insert your yarn in the remaining portion of the bottle. Pull the strand of yarn through the neck of the bottle and then tape the bottom portion of the bottle back on.


9 Ways to Reuse Empty Plastic Water Bottles