Have you ever noticed that kids love anything miniature?  We have a Christmas village that my kids love to set up each year, and they always have fun playing with all the little people!  Here’s a cute holiday decor idea that uses miniature items.  Your kids will definitely want to help you make it, and they’ll adore it when it’s finished!

You’ll Need:

  • glass jar
  • sugar
  • miniature trees, figures, Santa, etc.  (My dollar store has a bunch of these right now.  You might want to check there first!)
  • extras – glitter, snow spray


  1. This isn’t rocket science.  Basically, place your desired item in the jar and fill with a little sugar to look like snow 
  2. For the look above, green trees were soaked in a bleach and water solution for 30 minutes, then rinsed and dried.  They were then sprayed with snow spray and sprinkled with glitter before being placed in the jar.  This is an elegant, adult look that would make a beautiful Christmas display.
  3. For a more kid friendly look, choose an assortment of miniature items.  Reindeer, colorful trees, Santa and his sleigh, ice skaters…the possibilities are endless!  Decorate with snow spray and/or glitter if you want a little sparkle!

Thanks, From the Tortoise and the Hare!

Christmas Craft for Kids: DIY Winter Snowscape Jars!