You’ve heard it a million times before in the grocery checkout lane. And no, I’m not talking about the awestruck bystanders to your extreme couponing awesomeness who ask, “How did you get all those groceries for free!?” I’m talking about the bag boy battle-cry, “Paper or plastic?” Why not throw your bag boy or girl for an environmentally-friendly loop and respond, “I’ve got my own reusable bag.”

While it may be unreasonable to use reusable grocery bags when you have 78 bags of groceries, they are perfect for when you just buy a couple items. And since they fold flat, I keep mine in my car’s trunk so I always have it on hand for impromptu shopping trips. In a pinch, I also use it as a tote bag for muddy shoes or as a make-shift diaper bag. If you want a reusable grocery tote with a little pizazz (who says you can’t save the planet in style?) check out InkGarden’s FREE Custom Grocery Bag promotion. Until May 30th, you can get a custom grocery bag for free, just pay $4.99 shipping—that’s a savings of $8.99 off the regular price!

Here’s how to get this deal:

  • Click Here.
  • Click on the purple “Shop Now” button.
  • Choose from 28 designs. Then customize your selected design with photos and text by following the site’s prompts.
  • Sign up for a free InkGarden account.
  • At checkout, enter the coupon code FREEBAG in the designated box.
  • Standard shipping costs $4.99.
  • This deal expires on May 30th! Don’t forget about Mother’s Day—this custom grocery bag makes a great gift idea!

This deal is for new customers only. Limit of 1 custom grocery bag at this promotional price per customer.

Custom Reusable Grocery Bag, Just Pay $4.99 Shipping!