I used pages of an old book I found at a thrift store for 69 cents to make this pretty ornament. With a house full of avid readers, this is especially fitting for our family's Christmas tree. It comes out looking very intricate, but don't worry–it’s actually very simple to make!


  • An old book
  • Glue dots or other adhesive
  • 2 decorative beads for top and bottom of ornament, optional
  • Glitter paint, optional
  • Ribbon, optional


1. Start by cutting 12 circles from pages of the book. I just ripped out the twelve pages and cut all the circles at once. (And yes it did feel slightly wrong to rip a book apart!)

2. Stack all the circles together and sew a seam down the center with either a sewing machine or by hand. Leave a tail of thread at the top and bottom long enough to attach the beads and use as the hanger for your ornament.

3. With your collection of circles lying flat, start with the top circle and adhere the two sides of the circle together at the center. Glue dots work great because you don't have to wait for them to dry. If you don't have dots, any glue will do—but you may have to paper clip the pages in place to allow them to dry.

4. Continue matching centers together, two pages at a time, until all pages are done.

5. Once all your centers are secure, glue pages from two different sets at the top and bottom. Your ornament is now finished unless you want to add some embellishments.

6. The beads add a nice finished look. String them on with the tails of string at the top and bottom and secure them in place. Use the top string to hang your ornament.

7. I sprayed mine with glitter paint because I had some and thought it would be pretty, but this step is completely optional.

8. I also tied the ribbon at the top to dress it up, but again, this is optional.

DIY: Book Page Christmas Ornament