Throughout my years of couponing I’ve found lots of great deals on hair products. So many deals, in fact, that I’ve started to come up with new ways to use hair care products outside of the shower. As an example, after a little experimenting I’ve discovered that it’s possible to use hair conditioner as a fabric softener. Yes, that’s right…hair conditioner is a fabric softener in disguise!

Not only does conditioner smell terrific, but ounce-for-ounce it’s usually much cheaper than fabric softener. To soften my wash, I simply squeeze a small blob of my favorite conditioner onto a washcloth and rub it in, then throw that washcloth into the dryer with my load of clothes. Aside from it saving me money, my clothes come out of the dryer smelling absolutely fabulous!

This is a guest post by Steve from Riverview, FL.




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