I can't imagine my life without Post-it notes. Frankly, I wouldn't want to.

These little colorful squares (and their numerous other shapes) have become synonymous with staying organized in my household.

However, since I’m keeping the world's shrinking forests on my mind as well, I continue to challenge myself to give each Post-it note more than one job before it goes to the great recycling bin in the sky. Try a couple of these 7 ways to reuse your Post-it notes (and remember to recycle them when you’re done!).

1. Write on both sides of the Post-it

I do this a lot—it’s easy, functional and a time-saver—since I don't have to go hunt for a new Post-it note to use (and risk losing my place or my thought while I do).

  • What to do: When I'm done writing a note on one side, I scratch it out and bend up the paper. Then I can use the other side of the Post-it note to write a new note. Whenever you’ve used the Post-it all up—remember to recycle it!

2. Make labels

If you’re careful to write just on the non-sticky part, you can then reuse the sticky part to make great sticky labels.

  • What to do: Cut along the lower border of the sticky part, then you can use it to label stored food, craft supplies and other stored items.

3. Create drink coasters

If you find that you’re accumulating a little stack of used Post-it notes in your office or kitchen area, you can use them as handy stay-put coasters.

  • What to do: Turn them sticky side down and place your drink on top to avoid getting rings on the table. Best of all, these coasters will stay put no matter what!
Via Designsojourn.com

4. Use Post-its as on-the-go lint removers

Whether you suffer from cat hairs on your couch, fuzzies on your lamp shade or lint on your black pants—Post-it notes make great lint removers!

  • What to do: Just press the sticky side over the area in question until the lint is lifted away.

5. Nab some handy sticky bookmarks

Used Post-it notes can make handy bookmarks, whether you’re reviewing studies or giving a speech.

  • What to do: Cut vertically to the sticky side (so each slim bookmark has a bit of sticky on one end). Then just adhere each note to the pages you need to return to later.

6. Use them as mini trash cans during DIY projects

Whether you’re erasing like mad or drilling a new hole in the wall, Post-it notes can make the cleanup process faster and easier.

  • What to do: Fold a Post-it note in half, and then stick the Post-it note just beneath your work area. The folded up portion will catch any falling eraser particles or paint specks so you won't have to get out the dustpan and broom later!
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7. Cut them in half before you use them

Did you get a great deal on a package of sticky notes, but they’re larger than you really needed?

  • What to do: Cut the notes in half before you use them so you automatically get twice as much use for the price!
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7 Handy Hacks to Reuse Post-it Notes