Disinfect, de-grime and deodorize your home—all with one, easy, cost-saving solution! Because I recently found a quick and easy way to brew up my very own multi-purpose cleaning solution, I don’t have to worry about collecting all those other expensive cleaners that just seem to take up space in my already crowded pantry. It only takes a minute and you'll be ready to tackle all your cleaning chores. Eucalyptus is my scent of choice, leaving my home smelling naturally clean and fresh. You might choose rosemary, lemon, cinnamon or even carrot for the essential oil needed to make this cleaner. The fragrant possibilities are endless, as will be your supply of cleaning solution. You'll be rewarded not only with a house that’s sparkling and smelling fresh, but with the satisfaction that, once again, you've been price savvy and cost effective.

What You’ll Need


Simply add all the ingredients to an empty spray bottle and mix well. Use generously on dirty surfaces. You can use this quick and cost-saving solution on countertops, floors, windows and mirrors. I also use it for the weekly dusting of my leather sofa and chairs. For the really tough jobs, warm the solution just a bit in the microwave and use a soft, fibrous scrubbing pad.

Total Cost: $.41 per solution!

Not only have you saved money, you've gone green. It's an absolute win-win.


This is a guest post by Terri from Warsaw, IN.

Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner That Doesn't Have to Smell Like Lemons