ATTENTION PARENTS: It’s time to attack your kid’s messy closet. Yes, the task is daunting, but have no fear — we’re here to help with these brilliant organization tips.

1. Paint and place a pegboard along the back wall for hanging storage.

Hang stuffed animals, hats, hair accessories…the options are endless. Plus, the pegboard’s function can easily change as your child grows.


2. Attach clothespins to the side of a closet to store tutus and skirts.

Use a thin strip of double-sided adhesive to attach the clothespins.

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3. Keep “too big” and “too small” clothes bins.

For clothes that no longer fit, consider donating them or trading them in for new (or gently used) clothes at ThredUp or Schoola.


4. Convert a regular closet into a kid-friendly walk-in closet.

Use the shelving already in your kid’s closet, and cut it down to create smaller shelves.


5. No closet? Attach a rail to the bottom of a shelf for an easy solution.

IKEA sells rails like the one in the photo for just $3.99.



6. Or, repurpose an old bookcase.

Buy a couple rods from Home Depot, adjust the height of the existing shelves, and BOOM! You’ve got yourself a closet perfect for storing baby and toddler clothes.


7. You can also place a bookshelf in the center of a closet and use tension rods to hang clothes on each side.


8. Separate daily outfits in labeled plastic storage bins.

Don’t forget a bin for shoes at the bottom!


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9. Or, use hooks with tags to label clothes for each day of the week.


10. Door hangers with the days of the week will also help kids get ready faster.

Let kids choose their outfits for the week on Sunday so they’re ready to go in the mornings.



11. Install floating shelves.

Removing wall-to-wall shelves in a closet reduces visual clutter.


12. Hang bags and coats from Command Hooks attached to the closet door.

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13. Keep clips and bows organized with hanging ribbons.

Decorate a blank canvas, and glue ribbons to the back before hanging on your daughter’s closet door.


14. Use photos to label shoe bins.

This works especially well for those closets near an entryway.


15. Turn the bottom half into a reading nook.

Use leftover paint and Christmas lights to turn unused space into a special reading spot.


16. Keep all clothes organized with labels.

And last, but not least — have a designated spot for everything so the kiddos know exactly how to put things away come laundry day.


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