1. Organize paperwork, bills, and coupons.

Label each clothespin with a different store for coupon use.


2. Protect your fingers when hammering.


3. Apply 5-10 drops of essential air to make an air freshener.



4. Keep headphones from getting tangled.

5. Stop spoons from slipping into a pot.

6. Create your own paintbrushes using feathers, sponges, leaves, and more.

Adapted from Emma Owl.


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7. Make decorative magnets with washi tape.

Stick washi tape on one side, and glue a magnet strip to the other side.


8. Keep your toothbrush off dirty counters when traveling.

Depending on the size of your toothbrush, a plastic clothespin may work better keeping your toothbrush upright.


9. Hang skirts, scarves, and pants securely.

10. Allow steam to escape from a pot.

11. Create snack butterflies.

12. Transform unfinished wood clothespins with Kool-Aid.

Add 3-4 packs of Kool-Aid to a container of water to make the dye super pigmented. Then, set your wooden item into the solution and let it absorb the dye overnight.

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