Attention, all music lovers! The FREE music program I am about to tell you about may change your life! Can I get a drum roll please? If you have a computer and an Internet connection, then you can access free online music by signing up for the music program Spotify. It’s free, easy, and 100% legal!


  • Once you’ve registered for Spotify, you can search its catalogue of approximately 15 million songs to create your own playlists. Every time you sign on to Spotify, your personal playlists will appear.  It’s just like iTunes except for one big thing: it’s FREE!
  • It’s social! Since your account is integrated with your Facebook, your Facebook Timeline automatically updates when you listen to a song on Spotify. Then your Facebook friends can click on that track name and listen to what you listened to. You can also see and listen to all your Facebook friends’ playlists. If you'd rather keep the fact that you listen to Milli Vanilli all day long private, then simply switch into Spotify's private listening mode or register for Spotify with a “dummy” Facebook account.


  • Unlike your iTunes library, your Spotify music library only exists in an Internet cloud, not on your hard drive. As such, you can't listen to your music if you're not connected to the Internet.  Also, you can't transfer your Spotify music to your mp3 player or burn it to a CD.
  • Spotify has occasional audio commercials that interrupt your music and some pop-up and sidebar advertisements. Given the fact that all the music is free, the ads don’t really bug me all that much.

Click the above picture to visit the Spotify website. Once on the site, you can download the free program to your computer. All you need is a Facebook account!

No Longer Available: Listen to Your Favorite Music FREE at Spotify!