Expensive, impressive-sounding metal polishes abound, including formulated polishes made specifically for chrome.

What the salesperson at the auto supplies store won't tell you, however, is that forking over your hard-earned $5.00 plus for these over-priced products probably isn't necessary.

One of the best polishes for chrome uses two items you probably have in your kitchen right now: aluminum foil and cola.

Rubbing metal on metal might seem like a recipe for sonic torture, rather than a shiny gleam. This method of chrome cleaning is a tried-and-true way to remove heavy grime and light rust spotting.

Dirty and slightly rusted chrome can be almost completely transformed.

You Need:

  • Aluminum Foil
  • One can of cola
  • Two small buckets
  • A pair of rubber or latex gloves
  • A clean rag or two
  • Plastic trash bag (to protect the surface you are working on)

Step 1: To make the task as stress free as possible, prepare multiple pieces of foil. Rip off pieces of foil roughly three to four inches wide, and then fold these pieces in half, lengthwise, so that you have a rectangular piece that can be easily held and manipulated with a just few fingers.

Step 2: Pour some cola into a small bucket, or a bowl you don't intend to use again for eating, and put on some latex or rubber gloves. Dip one of the foil pieces into the cola, getting it thoroughly wet with the soda. Rub the foil firmly back and forth on the chrome. Tip: Do not move the foil piece in a circular motion, as this can cause light scratching.

Step 3: Periodically stop to wipe the area with a clean, damp rag to remove the wet grime. As you work on the chrome with your cola-dipped foil pieces, you'll notice that the surface area you're working on will become increasingly gray and murky looking. Have a small bucket of soapy water handy to rinse your rag out from time to time.

The improvement is surprising, quick and frugal!

This is a guest post by L.K. from Albany, NY
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One Surprising (and Cheap) Way to Polish Chrome