Anyone who has ever seen a trail of ants marching along the edge of their sink and down the cabinet will want to read this tip! I’ve used Raid and other insect repellants for ant infestation but they keep coming back, and with little kids around, insecticides aren’t my favorite. Enter the all-natural, citrus-smelling, orange peel! Who knew that ants despised citrus smells so much?! I didn’t! But they turn and run thanks to the limonene substance found in orange peels—they absolutely can’t stand it! I, on the other hand, love orange scented things, so I have no problem sprinkling peels around my house!

How to use orange peels as an ant deterrent

  1. Grate an orange peel and sprinkle the zest in the areas where ants are crawling. (Believe me, the minor mess is worth it!)
  2. Place the orange peels from three oranges into a blender with about 1/2 cup of warm water. Puree until the peels have been liquified and pour over any ant hills around your home.




Use Orange Peels to Repel Ants!