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All the Ways to Reuse Old Candles

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If you’re a frugal, candle-burning lover like myself, you’re probably obsessed with Bath and Body Works candles or Yankee Candles. Am I right?

And you’ve probably wondered what to do with the leftover candle wax and jar after it burns out.

Turns out, there’s a ton of ways to reuse not only the candle wax, but the jars as well.

Check it out:


First, remove candle wax from the jar.

Remove candle wax from the jar.

Method 1: The freezer

Place your candle in the freezer for at least an hour — but you can leave it in much longer if you forget. Once it’s completely frozen, use a dull knife to stab the wax, and it should break apart in chunks.


Method 2: Boiling water

Cut several slits into the hard wax, then pour boiling water into the jar — leaving a few inches of space on the top. Allow the hot water to sit for an hour.

The wax will melt and float to the surface of the jar. Once it’s reached the surface, the wax will harden again as the water cools down. You can easily grab the wax with your hand.

Always use caution when pouring boiling water into glass. Thick glass is better for this method. Some thinner glasses might not be able to withstand the temperature of the boiling water and will shatter.


Method 3: Submersion

Place your candle into a bowl or pot, and pour boiling water into the pot or bowl until it almost reaches the top of the candle. The hot water bath will cause the wax to melt.

Once the wax melts, grab it with your hands and set aside.


1. Plant succulents in an old candle jar.


2. Make fire starters for camping or a wood burning fireplace.

Make fire starters for camping or a wood burning fireplace.

Use leftover candle wax, an empty egg carton or toilet paper tube, and either cotton pads or lint to make fire starters.

To make cotton-pad fire starters, first melt old candle wax on low heat. Hold on to an edge of the pad and dip into the wax. Set aside and let the wax harden. To use, light the unwaxed edge of the cotton pad.

Another method is to use a cardboard egg carton and fill each cup with dryer lint. Melt leftover wax then pour into each cup, soaking the lint. After the wax hardens, cut apart the cardboard cups: you’ll have 12 to 18 fire starters. If using toilet paper tubes, stand upright and stuff half full with lint. Pour in a small amount of wax, and add more lint on top. With either fire starter, simply light to use.


3. Create magic ink for your kids.

Let your kids draw messages on paper with white candle wax. The message will remain invisible until they either pour cool coffee over the paper or paint over it.


4. Use old candle wax as a car air freshener.

Reuse old candle wax as a car freshener.


5. Reuse a candle jar as a flower vase.


6. Make hanging hurricane lamps.

Consolidate all the unused candle wax that you can to make hanging hurricane lamps.

Find full instructions here.



7. Make a new candle.

To make upcycled candles, you need leftover candle wax, an old jar and new candle wicks.

Put a new wick in the jar, melt the wax down — and don’t be afraid to melt down a few different candles and mix scents. After melting the wax down, pour into the jar and let cool for about six hours.


8. Use leftover candle wax to waterproof grout.

Use leftover candle wax to waterproof grout.

After deep cleaning your shower, rub the grout down with leftover white candle wax. The wax that’s left behind will repel water and protect your shower from growing mold and mildew.


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9. Put old candle wax in a wax melter.

After you remove old candle wax, melt it down into new cubes, or simply set it in a candle warmer.


10. Melt wax into muffin tins for waxing skateboard wheels.

Use the wax circle to easily wax skateboard wheels before riding.


11. Fix frayed shoelaces.

Dip frayed shoelaces into hot wax, then roll between your fingers to fix them.


12. Seal letters the old fashioned way.

Melt old candle wax on an envelope and seal with an old fashioned stamp — great for wedding invitations!



13. Store bathroom supplies like cotton balls or Q-Tips in old candle jars.


14. Waterproof a return address, shipping labels and recipe cards with white candle wax.

Rub white candle wax over a return address, shipping label or recipe card to waterproof them. Since it’s white candle wax, you’ll still be able to see through it.


15. Fill an old candle jar with crafting supplies.

Fill an old candle jar with crafting supplies.

Via Lonny


16. Use white candle wax in place of caulk to seal drafty windows.

Use white candle wax in place of caulk to seal drafty windows.

Let the old candle wax act as a barrier to keep drafts at bay.


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17. Store makeup brushes in old candle jars.


18. Turn your favorite wine bottle into a candle.

Turn your favorite wine bottle into a candle.

Gather up old candle wax from around the house. As you melt the wax, do the following: use a drop of glue or a glue dot to adhere the wick tab to the bottom of your bottle. Keep the wick taut and centered by wrapping it around a set of chopsticks and resting them across the bottle.

Remove melted wax from the heat, and allow it to cool slightly before adding adding essential oils or a scent of your choice. (Adding the scent while still on the stove can cause it to evaporate out of the wax.) Pour wax into the bottle.

Leave the candle to cool at room temperature for 24 hours.


19. Keep kids entertained by making easy sand candles.

Dig a hole in damp sand. Tie a candle wick onto a stick that can span across the hole. Pour melted candle wax in into the hole.

Allow the wax to set for a few hours before digging up your candle, and voila! Your kids will be amazed!



20. Use a Pringles can to make a new layered candle.

You may have a ton of different colors of leftover candle wax. First place a wick in your Pringles can. Melt down your first leftover candle, and pour the wax into the can. Let cool. Repeat with your remaining colors of leftover wax. Keep layering the wax until it’s reached the top!


21. Store sewing pins in old wax.


22. Fix scuffed-up leather shoes, purses and furniture.

Heat up old candle wax, add a tablespoon of canola oil, and rub directly on the scuff until it’s gone!

This also helps waterproof leather.


23. Rub old candle wax over a snow shovel to prevent the snow from sticking.


24. Use old candle wax to help squeaky or stuck drawers.


26. Combine leftover wax with citronella oil to keep bugs away.

You’ll need a jar of your choosing, candle wicks, old candle wax and citronella essential oil. Melt the wax down, prepare the wick, and then add 10 drops of citronella oil per cup of wax. Pour the wax into the jar, and allow the new candle to sit for 4-5 hours until firm.


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