Is juicing one of your New Year’s resolutions? Or are you already an experienced juicer? I love juicing, but although the end product is tasty, it's also minimal (in volume, that is). I juice a few times a month, and each time that I do, I find the chopping of vegetables and fruits very tiresome, especially when all I get out of a huge bowl of prepared produce is about 12 ounces of liquid. Produce can be pricey when you're only buying it for its “aqueous essences.” So instead of just emptying out the pulp and tossing it into my compost or rubbish, I'll either re-juice it or freeze it to make veggie burgers and cakes later on. Putting the pulp through the juicer again will get you a few more ounces of liquid, and when it comes to juicing, every little bit of juice counts if you want to stay full. Repurposing vegetable juice pulp is going to help you maintain good health and keep you saving money. Simply add to cake batter (think carrot cake or zucchini bread) or add a couple of eggs, breadcrumbs, black beans, onion and seasonings to make veggie patties. Who knows—your family not even care that there's no meat in their burgers!

Don't Throw Out the Pulp from Your Juicer—Reuse It!