Tension rods are one of the world’s most underrated tools — they come in different lengths, they’re easy to install, won’t leave marks on your wall, and are surprisingly inexpensive.

Check out our top 10 amazingly clever ways to use tension rods in your home:


1. Stagger two rods to create a shoe holder.

Shoe problem? Just hang two tension rods for an organized shoe rack!


2. Keep scarves organized.

This is by far the easiest and most organized way to hang winter scarves. Do as many or as few rows as you’d like!


3. Organize spices in a drawer.

The rods will prevent your spices from rolling around while keeping the jars organized and easy to grab.



4. Or, use a tension rod as a small shelf to hold spices.

This trick will help utilize every square inch of your cupboard space.



5. Create more space under your sink by hanging spray bottles.

Keep even more of your home products under the sink when you hang spray bottles from a tension rod.


6. Prevent kids from getting out or someone from breaking in by placing a tension rod in your sliding door.

Prevent someone from breaking into your home by placing a tension rod inside your sliding glass door.


7. Hang potted plants from tension rods using S-Hooks.

Bring a little life to your home by grabbing S-Hooks and a tension rod (or two) to hang potted plants or succulents.



8. Keep plastic lids in place.

Plastic lids can get SO MESSY. This trick also works well for organizing lids for pots.


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9. Hang wet dish towels in the sink.

After washing the dishes, hang wet your dish towels in the sink with the help of a small tension rod.


10. Keep your gift wrap station organized.

This easy organization hack comes in handy especially around the holidays.


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10 Amazingly Clever Ways to Use Tension Rods