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Sure, I love an ice cold beer on a hot summer day — but what I love even more is using beer for beauty and household cleaning purposes.

Talk about versatile.

Take a look at all the things you can do with beer (without drinking it):


1. Wash your hair with beer for added shine.

Wash your hair with beer for added shine.

Via Healthy Lifestyle Chronicles


Put a cup of beer into a small saucepan and bring to a boil until ¼ of a cup is left. Let the beer cool then mix the remaining beer into a shampoo bottle.

It’ll give your hair more shine without drying it out.


2. Use beer to make your gold shine.

Use beer to make your gold shine.

Pour a bit of lager on a soft, clean cloth and gently rub your ring — but not your diamond. Then dry the band.

Hops used in beer brewing contain alpha acids that help to polish dirt and grime off gold. Lighter beers contain less hops, so the acidity is just right to polish the metal while protecting your ring.

A couple things to note: Don’t use a dark ale, and make sure your jewelry is solid gold or gold plated without gemstones.


3. Kill snails and slugs in your garden.


Pour beer into empty jars and place them in soil with the rim at ground level. They will be attracted to the beer but won’t be able to get out.


4. Get rid of brown spots on your lawn.


The fermented sugars in the beer are good for lawn growth, and the acid kills off anything bad that might be growing there.



5. Distract bees and wasps from your outdoor BBQ.


Place small cups or containers of beer around the perimeter of the yard before a gathering or BBQ. It’ll attract bees and wasps and keep them away from the party.


6. Revive wood furniture with a flat beer.


Use a flat beer and a microfiber cloth to polish wood furniture. It’ll restore some of the wood’s natural color.


7. Polish kitchen pots.


Let your pots soak overnight in beer. Then just use a clean cloth to wipe away the tarnish.


8. Make a face mask.


You need two tablespoons beer, one tablespoon honey and one egg white. Mix together, apply to face, leave on for 15 minutes, and rinse with warm water.

The hops in beer can act as a natural astringent while the yeast balances your skin’s pH levels.


9. Get rid of stains.


The carbonation in beer can help remove stains, just like club soda. Just remember to wash it afterwards.


10. Soak your feet in vinegar and dark beer.


Fill your bathtub with white vinegar and dark beer. The bacteria from the yeast and the acidity help add nutrients to the skin.



11. Take a beer bubble bath.


Mix beer with olive oil-based soap and enjoy soft, smooth skin afterwards.


12. Cook rice.


Sure you could cook rice in water… or you could cook rice with beer for a nice flavor to otherwise bland rice. The alcohol will cook out of the rice, so it’s safe for the entire family to enjoy.


13. Loosen rusty bolts.


Pour beer on rusty bolts, and the carbonation along with the acidity will help break down the rust.


14. Kill fruit flies.

Kill fruit flies with beer.

Via Curbly


Fill a shallow bowl with beer, cover with plastic wrap, and leave a small opening for the fruit flies to get in. They’re attracted to the sugar in the beer.


15. Make fluffy waffles.


You already know that adding club soda to waffle or pancake mix will make them extra fluffy — but a little beer does the same thing.

You’ll need two cups of flour, ¼ cup sugar (plus two more tablespoons), ½ teaspoon salt, one teaspoon baking powder, ½ cup melted butter, two large eggs, ¼ cup milk and 12 ounces blonde ale or pilsner.

For the caramel sauce, you’ll need 12 ounces amber ale, two cups packed brown sugar, ¾ cup heavy cream, one teaspoon vanilla and two tablespoons of butter.

For the full recipe, check out The Beeroness.


16. Put out a fire.

Put out a fire with beer.

Via Coed


If you’re ever in a pinch while camping, use beer to put out your fire.


17. Tenderize meat.


All you need to do is pour your favorite stout in a zip bag and let it soak into the meat.


18. Make beer ice cubes.


Leftover beer? Pour it into ice cube trays and freeze — then use it when cooking white pastas, a pot roast, chili or bread.


19. Make beer can chicken on the BBQ.


You’ll need a whole chicken, two tablespoons vegetable oil, two tablespoons salt, one teaspoon black pepper, three tablespoons of any dry spice rub and one can of beer.

Head on over to the Food Network for full instructions.


19 Things You Can Do with Beer (Besides Drink It)