If you have an appreciation for zip ties like I do, scroll down and check out 23 zip tie hacks that’ll make your life easier:


1. Attach a shoe organizer to a stroller to hold drinks for the whole family.

Use zip ties to attach the top portion of a shoe organizer to your stroller.


2. Lock and secure your suitcase while traveling.


3. Train and support heavy plants in your garden.


4. Keep toys, diapers, clothes and other road-trip essentials organized with a shoe organizer.

Thread heavy cords or zip ties through the top holes to keep the organizer in place.


5. Create a makeshift zipper pull in a pinch.



6. Zip tie hangers together when moving.


7. Make a key ring.


8. Use zip ties as shower curtain rings.

Skip expensive alternatives and use zip ties as shower curtain rings. Adjust the zip ties to the correct size, then cut off any excess.


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9. Hang a shower caddy.

Prevent the shower caddy from falling off the shower head with the help of a handy zip tie.


10. Make it easier to hang mops, brooms and dustpans.


11. Replace old, worn out weed eater blades.



12. Separate otherwise tangled cables.


13. Keep lids on plastic containers when moving.


14. Use for extra traction on bike tires.


15. Tye dye shirts.


16. Attach pool noodles to a trampoline for safety.

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17. Cut slits in a zip tie to make a drain snake that will pull out a hair clog.


18. Install a baby gate easily.


19. Hang ornaments with zip ties.



20. Repair a broken ethernet plug.


21. Make a bubble wand for the kids.


22. Childproof cupboards.


23. Hang holiday decor with zip ties for easy removal.



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23 Zip Tie Hacks That'll Make Your Life Easier