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Imagine never having to struggle with finding your favorite pair of jeans or wrestling with tangled hangers again. Sounds pretty good, right? In a perfect world I have this dream that a well organized closet means my mornings are so much easier. Sadly I can’t promise any of that, but with these 16 closet organization ideas at least you can put an outfit together without feeling like you’re going into combat.

Whether you have a tiny apartment closet or a spacious walk-in wardrobe, these hacks will help you make the most of your space. From clever storage solutions to simple decluttering strategies, I’m sharing practical advice that will completely change the way you approach closet organization.

Say hello to a streamlined and efficient closet that will make your life easier and your mornings smoother (thought you might still need coffee). If organization is on your weekend (or monthly) agenda, check out these other useful organization posts:

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1. S hooks are perfect for hanging jeans.

Someone hanging jeans on s hooks inside a closet

These simple hooks, shaped like the letter “S” can be easily hung on a closet rod or bar. They also provide a convenient way to store jeans while maximizing space. Plus, these hooks keep your jeans organized, visible, and easily accessible, while also preventing creasing and maximizing your closet space.

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2. Attach S hooks to a chain for an accessory holder.


Some bags organized in a closet using yarn with knots tied into it and s hooks

Another way to incorporate the S hooks is for your purses and scarves.


Some bags organized in a closet using yarn with knots tied into it and s hooks

Use a chain or a long piece of yarn doubled over with knots tied down the length of it to make a “yarn chain” along with S-hooks to hang bags in the closet


3. Dollar Tree over-the-door hangers are great for keeping scarves and gloves.

a person's hand putting a hand on a over the door rack

Dollar Tree over-the-door hangers are great for storing hats or other hangable accessories. The best part is no assembly is required. Just hang it and add your items.


4. A soda can tab slipped over a hanger’s hook doubles closet space.

Some soda can tabs being used to hook some hangers together

Pull the tab off of a beverage can, then place it over one of your hangers. Next, hang a second hanger from the tab, and voila. You’ve just created more room in your closet.



5. Magazine holders can also hold flip-flops.

a magazine holder with flip fops inside

Much like S hooks, magazine holders are also versatile. They make great vertical storage options to neatly store and organize flip-flops in your closet. This organization idea helps keep the pairs together and easily accessible.


6. A sweater won’t fall off a hanger or get weird hanger bumps when you fold it over like this.

person showing how to hang a sweater over a hanger

First, take your sweater and fold it in half lengthwise. Place the hook of the hanger near the armpit of your sweater. Now fold the sleeves and the bottom half over the hanger.


7. A tiered metal cube rack can be used to hold accessories.

Mesh cube shelves in the center of a closet holding some accessories

Metal cube shelves make a great organization idea for small spaces. Stack T-shirts, add small purses, or store hats. If you have a wire closet shelf, use a zip tie to attach the metal cube shelves.


8. S hooks also work well for hanging purses and umbrellas.

Someone hanging some handbags and umbrella on some S hooks in a closet

Here we are with the S hooks again.They can also keep your purses and umbrellas organized in your closet. Just hang them on a closet rod or bar, and you’re ready to go. No complicated installation or tools required, making them a convenient option to declutter.


9. A clothes hanger can keep multiple scarves neat.

a person hanging scarves in their closet with a clothes hanger

Clothes hangers are affordable space-saving solutions for organizing and keeping multiple scarves neat in your closet. It prevents wrinkles, provides easy visibility, keeps scarves organized and accessible, and can be used for other accessories as well.


10. Pool noodles cut in half help tall boots keep their shape.

pool noodles in knee high boots

Not just a summer toy, pool noodles cut in half act as boot inserts. They can be a practical and cost-effective way to help tall boots maintain their shape in your closet. They preserve the boots, save space, are customizable and adjustable, easy to use, and protect from dust and moisture.

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11. Use different colored hangers to organize seasonal clothing.

a person's hand grabbing a colored hanger in a closet

S hooks can’t do all of the jobs. Using different colored hangers to organize your seasonal clothing provides a visual cue, allows for quick and easy sorting, optimizes space, offers customization options, promotes consistency, and adds flexibility to your organization system. Try incorporating this colorful organization hack in your closet to make seasonal clothing management a breeze.

12. Tension rods can be used as a shoe rack.

Using tension rods as a shoe rack allows you to maximize your closet space and customize your shoe storage. Plus, they’re easy to install and let you see your shoes clearly.


13. Washcloths with a hole cut in the middle for hangers will protect clothing from dust.

Someone hanging up a jacket with a rag draped over it to prevent it getting dusty in the closet

Place washcloths with holes cut in the middle on hangers to act as a barrier, preventing dust from settling on your clothing. The washcloths can catch dust particles in the air, keeping your clothes clean and dust-free.

You can repurpose old or unused washcloths, or purchase inexpensive ones specifically for this purpose.


14. Wine boxes can easily hold tennis shoes and flip flops.

a wine box with three pairs of shoes

Yes, wine boxes can be repurposed as a creative and functional storage solution for tennis shoes and flip flops in your closet. If you buy multiple bottles, use the cardboard box with dividers for each pair of shoes, helping to keep them neatly organized.

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15. Hot glue on a hanger will prevent clothes from slipping off.

a person putting hot glue onto a hanger

Consider giving this idea a try to keep your clothes securely hung on your hangers. Pipe cleaners and rubber bands wrapped around a hanger’s edges also work well.


16. Pant hangers can help floppy boots stay upright and off the floor.

boots hanging on a pant hanger in a closet

Not just for the clothes you wear on your legs, pant hangers can be used for different types of boots, including knee-high boots, ankle boots, or even over-the-knee boots. You can adjust the width of the clips or clamps to accommodate different boot sizes and styles, making pant hangers a versatile option for organizing various types of boots.



16 Closet Organization Hacks That Will Change Your Life