Grocery store list-building and shopping has come a long way since my mom used to send me to the store with a handwritten list and an envelope full of coupons!

Today's grocer apps are (for the most part) very streamlined, and they make shopping (and saving) fast and easy.

Read on to find out about the 10 best nationwide grocer apps. Each of these apps offers shopping lists, sales flyers, digital coupons, and other personalized money-saving tools!

1. Publix

Publix's great 4+ rated app is like having a personal grocery assistant. You can view the weekly sales flyers (including BOGO deals), create your shopping list and add items, add coupons for items on your list, and even refill prescriptions. If you’re traveling, you can also access driving directions to your local Publix from the app.

Best money-saving feature: Being able to view the weekly ads and recommended recipes built around Publix featured products so you can plan your menu based on what’s on sale.

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2. Kroger

Kroger's 4+ rated app is considered the grocery industry leader as far as apps go. The app is a breeze to use and keeps track not just of your store perks, but also your fuel perks! You can view the weekly ads and add on-sale items to your shopping list, add digital coupons directly to your Kroger Plus card, check your fuel points, refill prescriptions, get directions to the nearest Kroger, receive exclusive app-only promotions and personalized offers, and much more.

Best money-saving feature: Being able to load digital coupons right onto your Kroger Plus card! Then when you scan your card (which you can also do from in-app) at checkout, the savings are automatically applied and deducted from your total.

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3. Aldi

Aldi's 4+ rated app makes it easy to save even more at this already-discounted grocer. You can view weekly Special Buys, add sale price items to your shopping list, nab newly discounted items, and get GPS directions to your local Aldi store from wherever you are.

Best money-saving feature: The New Low Prices feature lets you see price drops for your favorite products the moment they go live….and then add them to your shopping list with one click.

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4. Albertsons

Albertsons’ app is currently rated 3+ stars with room to grow. The app syncs your grocery list between your devices; gives you one-page access to all in-app tools (like viewing an in-app recipe and adding the ingredients to your shopping list from the recipe page); and allows you to email your shopping list to others, view the weekly specials and sales, and check off items as you shop. You can also get GPS directions to any Albertsons.

Best money-saving feature: You can preview the upcoming weekly sales ad and plan your shopping list up to a week in advance!

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5. Safeway

Safeway's 4+ rated app is a pure winner, with streamlined in-app operation to make your shopping and your life easier. One click will add items to your list and your card simultaneously. Personalized discounts and promotions plus the weekly store ads make it easy to shop for only what you need. You can pre-sort your shopping list by aisle to save time. And you can view and manage your rewards for groceries and gas.

Best money-saving feature: The one-click tap feature is definitely the best money-saver here—tap on the sale items you want and add them to your Safeway card and your shopping list!

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6. Randalls

With Randalls and Safeway belonging to the same family of stores, it should be no surprise that their apps are similar in every way. Everything you can do with the Safeway app, you can also do with the Randalls app.

Best money-saving feature: One of the best money-saving features in this app is the Rewards overview, which shows you when your grocery and gas rewards expire so you don't miss out on using them.

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7. Shaw's

The Shaw's 3.5 rated app has a slick interface that integrates every aspect of the shopping experience. You can receive personalized offers, view local promotions and sales, preview the weekly sales ad, view reports of what you’ve saved over time, get digital email receipts, "clip" digital coupons, and more.

Best money-saving feature: The app's sales reports give you that extra boost of motivation to keep saving more and more!

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8. Stop & Shop

The 4+ rated Stop & Shop app is poised to give Kroger's app a run for its money in the top slot. This fully integrated app lets you add coupons and sales directly to your card to scan at checkout. You can view past savings and savings YTD, take advantage of personalized offers, manage your gas points and more.

Best money-saving feature: If you’re a Peapod user, you can integrate the app with your Peapod account and save $15 off your first order of $75 or more!

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9. Food Lion

The 4+ rated app from Food Lion is brand new, and currently is offered for iOS users only. You can view weekly coupons and in-store specials and ads, get alerts about special promotions and products, create and manage your shopping list, and find the closest Food Lion.

Best money-saving feature: The product and sales alerts ensure you will never miss a discount deal!

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10. Meijer

The Meijer 4+ rated app is pretty amazing—especially its reports, digital receipts, and savings trackers. You can preview sales and coupons and add them digitally to your card, scan barcodes from your pantry to add products to next week's shopping list, view and redeem personalized rewards, and much more.

Best money-saving feature: The personalized rewards help you earn towards your specific shopping needs—for people and pets!

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10 Grocer Savings Apps You Will Love!