As a CVS ExtraCare Rewards Card holder, I can share that CVS has packed this program with tons of ways to save—both ways you would expect, and options that might be new. Even though I’ve been using the CVS program for some time now, I’m still learning new things about how to save more.

1. Not adding your birth date to your account profile online.

When you add your birth date to your ExtraCare Beauty Club Rewards account profile on the CVS website, you’ll get a free $3 ExtraBucks birthday reward once per year!

2. Not using CVS to purchase the things you need to manage diabetes.

When you purchase the diabetes-related products you need from CVS, you can earn double ExtraBucks rewards on more than 100 qualifying products!

3. Not heading for the in-store Coupon Center kiosk to save time AND money.

This kiosk is your ticket to couponing on the go at CVS. By learning how to use the Coupon Center kiosk, you don’t even have to make extra time before you shop to plan out your trip—the kiosk does that work for you. Just scan your card or enter your account phone number to print off special in-store coupons, print any coupons you preloaded to your card, check prices, view and redeem your ExtraBucks rewards, and more.

4. Not understanding how the rewards redemption system works and losing your rewards.

With CVS’s program, rewards for your everyday purchases are added to your account quarterly (except where otherwise noted for special ExtraBucks promotions that may also apply). Basically, you earn 2% back in rewards for your everyday purchases, except for certain items that must be excluded by law, including alcohol, tobacco, gift and phone cards, etc.

Schedule of annual points distribution:

  • January 1st
  • April 1st
  • July 1st
  • October 1st

Here, it’s ideal to register your email address with your account because this will generate an automatic reminder when rewards are loaded to your card each quarter. You then have 45 DAYS to use rewards points before they expire! You can send the rewards to your card or print them out at the in-store Coupon Center kiosk for redemption.

5. Not checking your receipt for more coupons.

If you have items that have ExtraBucks rewards attached to them, when you check out at CVS, your receipt will also print out more coupons for you to use during your next shopping trip.

It will simply say “$X.00 EXTRABUCK” with the expiration date printed beneath it—sort of like you just got free store credit!

You can use this receipt like a coupon on your next shopping trip—and it is valid with other offers. Also, even if you stack coupons to further decrease the price of that item before you buy it, the amount of the ExtraBucks offer remains the same at checkout.

6. Not signing up for ExtraCare emails.

You can get even more deals, coupons, and sales alerts when you sign up for the free CVS ExtraCare email list. You can get coupons you won’t find elsewhere, including high-value 20% off coupons, coupons for $4 off a $20 purchase, and more. Plus, you can often stack these with other sales, deals, and coupons for even more savings!

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7. Not enrolling in the CVS Beauty Club.

The CVS Beauty Club offers a special way to get additional savings plus more ExtraBucks rewards! Every time you spend $50 at CVS on qualifying beauty products, you’ll earn an automatic extra $5 rewards perk.

The best thing about the Beauty Club is that the requirement to spend $50 applies to the full retail price of the items you buy before any discounts—so you can still stack and combine coupons, deals, and offers to your heart’s delight to get the price down and earn your $5 reward anyway!

8. Not using CVS for your pharmacy needs.

When you fill 10 prescriptions through the CVS pharmacy, you earn an automatic $5 ExtraBucks reward. You can also earn extra rewards by using the pharmacy for immunizations, vaccinations, and other services.

Oh, and if you transfer your prescriptions from another pharmacy to CVS during one of their periodic “prescription transfer promotions,” you can score savings up to $25 in ExtraBucks rewards! CVS will often honor competitor transfer offers as well—it varies by location.

9. Not using the CVS app to earn a FREE $3.00 reward.

The CVS app gives you extra exclusive coupons and deals you won’t find in other places. Plus, when you download the app and link your CVS ExtraCare card to it, you get a FREE $3 reward!

10. Not noticing ways to stack savings and even make money using your card.

Here’s an example of how you can make money by stacking savings!

Speaking of stacking savings, CVS makes this easy. You can stack BOGO offers, Swagbucks CVS gift cards, CVS coupons, sales, manufacturer coupons, rewards, and more to bring the price down.

11. Not checking periodically for new savings opportunities.

The CVS ExtraCare program is constantly evolving, which means new ways to save and earn rewards are constantly being added.

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