Have you heard of the CVS Pharmacy 98% Rule? What is the CVS 98% rule?

It’s basically a brilliant shortcut to saving money at CVS — which is something we love to do all the time.


You only have to pay 98% of the required purchase total to earn Extrabucks.


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If the promotion says you have to spend $20 to get a $5 reward, your subtotal can really equal $19.60.


The subtotal has to hit 98% of the required purchase total BEFORE any coupons are applied.

One of the great perks of CVS’s Extrabucks program is that in order to earn a reward, you only must reach the subtotal before coupons are applied.

In the scenario used above, I would have to hit $19.80 to get the $5 reward. If I used a $2 off coupon — which brings my subtotal down to $17.80 — I would still get the $5 because I hit the promo total before coupons were applied.



The 98% rule is not an official CVS Policy.

The 98% rule isn’t an official documented store policy. It’s just how the cash register is programmed.

I spent $19.76 on laundry detergent to earn a $5 reward, and even though my cashier mentioned I was twenty-four cents short, my Extra Bucks still printed because I spent over 98% of the required $20 spend.


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The CVS 98% Rule Explained