1. Avoid clutter and chaos by labeling everything.

You can get one for as low as $7 on Amazon.


2. Remove products from their packaging.

Get rid of bulky packaging and transfer individual items to bins, zip bags, baskets, jars, and other designated containers.


3. Use dollar store stacking bins under bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Organization containers don’t have to be expensive! Head to the dollar store and get your supplies there. Check out 22 Ingenious Dollar Store Organization Ideas for inspiration.


4. Lay pasta and boxed foods on their sides so more can fit.


5. Store items in a bin under the bed.

The cheapest options are only around $7 on Amazon.



6. Use over-the-door shoe organizers.

Just one awesome dollar-store item you can repurpose for your stockpile! These pockets work great for personal hygiene products like razors, shampoo, and body wash too.


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7. Dedicate one section of your linen closet to stockpile items.


Even half a shelf is enough space to store extra shampoo and detergent bottles.


8. Use a chain and curtain clips to store chips and snacks.

You can get inexpensive plastic chains at Home Depot for about $0.63 a foot, or just repurpose an old dog leash. Then attach curtain clips with rings onto the chain for a simple chip or snack organization system.


9. Strategically stack canned goods.

Stack cans 3 high in the back, 2 high in the middle, and 1 high in the front to to fit more. Be sure to keep the labels facing forward so they’re easy to find and grab as needed.


10. Or, store cans in old soda boxes.

Store like canned goods together in an empty soda box, which can be stacked to save pantry and cabinet space.


11. Use a pegboard and hooks to hang products.

A pegboard and hooks may cost you around $10 initially, but they’ll make staying organized a cinch. Plus, you can hang your pegboard upright to save precious cabinet space.


12. Remove perishables from their packaging and freeze.

Did you know you can freeze eggs, crackers, and chips? Well you can — but to save space in your freezer, remove any cardboard packaging, or freeze products like eggs, vegetables, and fruit individually or already sliced so they’re easier to use straight from the freezer.

For more tips, check out The Ultimate How-to-Freeze Guide.


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