Every time I get my Costco membership renewal notice in the mail, there are a few best deals at Costco that keep me writing that $60/year check.

Here are the best products at Costco. Not a member? You can shop Costco without a membership. Or, if you are a member, check out these Costco deals now!


1. Pure maple syrup so cheap, I never buy it anywhere else.

Coupons for pure maple syrup are few and far between, making deals very rare. Trader Joe’s maple syrup is of equal quality but sells for 50¢ per ounce and Walmart is around 55¢ per ounce.

Bottom line? No other competitor comes close. I always buy my pure maple syrup at Costco.


2. Applesauce squeezes for only 41.6¢ a pouch!

No store beats Costco’s everyday price for applesauce pouches, so buying at Costco is a pretty safe bet.

The only way I do better is to use an applesauce coupon and find a deal from TheKrazyCouponLady.com.


3. McCormick taco seasoning priced less than other supermarkets.

Costco spices are one of the best deals at Costco — I often buy everything from ground pepper to garlic salt and cinnamon at Costco.

We do frequently see low-value McCormick coupons, usually offering around 50¢ off. We redeem those coupons on the small seasoning packets, dropping the price to as low as 25¢ per packet. But, even still, the cost per ounce at Costco is slightly cheaper.


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4. Nutella sold so cheap I can save one jar just for myself.

Nutella is about 25% cheaper at Costco compared to the next lowest price we could find. However, we do see pretty regular Nutella coupons here at TheKrazyCouponLady.com.

And since we cannot use manufacturer coupons at Costco, we often beat the Costco price by using our coupon at another retailer like Walmart.

See current deals and Nutella coupons.



5. Stretch Island Fruit Strips for 21¢ — that’s cheap!

Another Costco-constant of mine is the 48-count package of Stretch Island Fruit Strips. This brand is stingy with coupons, so I always find the best deal at Costco.


6. Active dry yeast priced so low, you might be able to justify buying two pounds of it.

OK, in my life, two pounds of yeast is a lifetime supply.

But that didn’t keep me from picking up one of these last year since I was at Costco anyway.

Yeast is one of the best buys at Costco.


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7. Organic spinach 52% less expensive than competitor supermarkets.

One of the best deals at Costco is the organic baby spinach. It’s more than 50% cheaper!

Spring for these clean eating deals at Costco if you’re trying to change your diet.


8. The cheapest cheese around.

Many dairy items including milk, cheese and yogurt are very competitively priced at Costco.

We see milk coupons, cheese coupons and yogurt coupons regularly, but if you can’t find one, Costco is your best bet.

Cheddar cheese two-pound blocks are 40% cheaper than store-brand cheese at Walmart.


9. Half-sheet cakes for the same price as supermarket quarter-sheet cakes.

Buying a sheet cake anywhere other than Costco is a total rookie move.

I’d definitely say getting the thing for half the cost of what you’d pay somewhere else is one of the best deals at Costco.


10. Three-pound rotisserie chickens – $1 less and nearly a pound heavier than at my local grocer.

The Costco rotisserie chicken is about to be the next “hot dog+drink combo,” meaning Costco is making a concerted effort to highly publicize its decision to keep chicken prices at $4.99.

They even say the company is leaving $30-40 million on the table by not raising prices to $5.99 per bird.

Costco’s cost-per-pound is 30% less than the next cheapest competitor, Walmart, making it one of the best buys at Costco.


11. The cheapest string cheese I have ever seen.

Frigo string cheese sells for as much as 41.6¢ per stick (that’s $4.99 for a 12-pack) at standard supermarkets like Safeway or Kroger.

Wait for a sale at those stores, or shop at a discount grocer like Walmart or Winco and pay 23-25¢ each.

Add a cheese coupon to the mix, and you might drop that price down to as low as 20¢ per cheese stick.

OR, forget all of that and just buy the stuff at Costco. End of story.


12. The lowest price around for my favorite peanut butter.

Have you ever noticed that Costco’s Adams Natural Peanut Butter costs less than Skippy Peanut Butter?

Seriously! Adams is 11.2¢ per ounce and Skippy is 14¢ ($10.86 for two 48 oz. jars). So don’t be fooled into assuming the natural PB costs more!

Costco’s price on Adams Natural Peanut Butter is significantly lower than their competitors — whose prices rarely drop under 16¢ per ounce.

We do see coupons, so always check KCL for peanut butter coupons before you shop!



13. Carter’s blanket sleepers for only $7.49!

After doing some comparison shopping, Costco still comes out with the cheapest price on Carter’s sleepwear.


14. Almond butter that’s cheaper and tastes better than Walmart’s brand.

I’m picky about almond butter but since I’m also picky about getting a good deal, I’ve searched all over for a brand that’s both reasonably priced and tastes good.

Since almond butter coupons are rare, I usually end up paying regular price. Costco has the best taste and best price, hands down.


15. Fresh broccoli florets for half of what you’d pay at a local grocer.

Paying less than everyone else is a big part of being a smart shopper.

Grab broccoli florets at Costco the next time you’re there and you’ll pay 50% less than your neighbor pays.


16. KIND bars for almost 25¢ less per bar than you’ll find elsewhere.

Yep, you can just plan to hang on to 25¢ for every KIND bar you buy at Costco instead of other stores.

Especially nice if you’ve got a family that devours them as I do. This makes KIND bars one of the very best deals at Costco.


17. Cups of diced peaches for dirt cheap.

Not only are they cheap, but they’re 20¢ cheaper than the Great Value brand version at Walmart.


18. Baby formula that you can only find cheaper if you’re an extreme couponer.

The only way you can get formula cheaper than the price Costco offers is when you combine a coupon or an Ibotta offer with a sale at a grocery or drugstore.

You can find Similac coupons and Enfamil coupons to combine with a sale or you can just hit up Costco.



19. Movie and restaurant gift cards for 20-30% less than face value.

I am a HUGE advocate of buying discounted gift cards! It’s probably the most overlooked money-saving strategy today!

And Costco along with Raise.com are my favorite places to snatch up future savings with discounted gift cards!

Date night without discounted gift cards is just silly.

Find out how to use discounted gift cards in order to get the most bang for your buck.


20. Car rentals that are up to 30% cheaper than Expedia (or anywhere else!)

Oh hello there, Very Best Deal at Costco.

It’s not grocery shopping but you can cut travel expenses by booking your car rental through Costco Travel. Not kidding, I’ve never, ever found a cheaper car rental.

Plus you get an additional driver for free, which you’ll always pay extra for when you rent a car through another company.

Learn more not-obvious ways to save money at Costco.


21. A $1.50 hot dog combo to make you forget how much you just spent at Costco.

The hotdog combo is for sure one of the best things to get at Costco.

Costco hasn’t raised the price on its all-beef hot dog and a fountain drink in 30 years.

When you see how big it is, you’ll see the value for just $1.50!


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