We get it, back-to-school shopping can be overwhelming and expensive. But we have a few back-to-school tips that’ll help you cut through the overpriced items so that you can save instead of stress.


1. Know when the price is right for back-to-school shopping with our Back-to-School Stock-Up List.

We know the best of the best prices on all the things your kiddos will need for back-to-school shopping. Check our handy Back-to-School Stock-Up List anytime you want to guarantee you’re getting a good deal.


2. Check for deals on the go with the Krazy Coupon Lady App.

If you want the best back-to-school deals then the KCL app is going to be your best friend.

Download the app and check the Back-to-School link in the upper-righthand corner whenever you’re back-to-school shopping. You’ll know what the best back-to-school deals and back-to-school sales are right away.

Bonus! You can actually follow individual stores by clicking the star next to their name. When you do this, you’ll see the best deals for back-to-school and every day right in your app newsfeed. Don’t worry, you can unfollow anytime by clicking that same little star icon.

Make sure to take a look at our getting started guides for the app for both iOS and Android!


3. Know how to get the ACTUAL lowest prices by stacking back-to-school coupons and price matching.

Even when back-to-school prices seem super low, you may still be able to lower them further using your KCL skills! Coupon stacking, rewards perks, price matching, and using cashback apps like Ibotta are your allies to “find” lower prices at any store. Here’s what some of these terms mean:

Coupon Stacking:

This is where you purchase one item and use a store sale or coupon and a manufacturer coupon at the same time. For example:

Buy 1 package Bic Pens, $1.00 (reg. $1.50)

Use 1 manufacturer coupon for $1.00

Final price: Free after sale and coupon

Rewards Perks:

Many stores offer rewards for shopping there. You’ll often see them in the form of coupons or discounts after you spend a certain amount of money, like Walgreens Balance Rewards. Reach out to customer service to find out if they have a rewards program.

Price Matching:

This is when a store matches the price of an item from another store. Price match policies vary, but typically you will need proof of the price on your phone. It will need to be the exact item, including color and size. Depending on the store you can show the cashier or customer service to get a price adjustment.

If this all seems overwhelming, then we can help! Not only will we walk you through exactly how to save on each and every deal post we make, but we have awesome resources for you! We can show you the best apps and websites for saving, an intensive step-by-step for beginner couponers and even some tried and true ways to save without clipping coupons.


4. Ditch brand loyalty! Shop based on price instead.

Listen up, because this is an important back-to-school tip! Unless your child’s school supplies list is brand-specific or you personally have a strong preference, brand loyalty will do you no favors in keeping to your school supplies budget. In fact, some of the best back-to-school sales are sometimes for store brands! You can save up to 50% simply by ditching the name-brand stuff!

For example, the price for Up & Up brand Crayons at Target is just $0.25 (in-store only — they’re $0.35 online) during back-to-school season. But you’ll pay at least $0.50 a box for the name-brand stuff. That’s a 50% difference just for grabbing the store brand. Talk about easy savings.



5. Don’t pay tax when you shop during tax-free weekend.

16 states offer a tax-free weekend to make back-to-school shopping a little easier on the wallet. Find out if your state is one of them and when to expect your savings.

TIP: Use some of those back-to-school coupons during tax-free weekend to save even more!


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6. Pool funds with other families to buy supplies in bulk.

If you can find a few other families who want to stock up, you can leverage the power of your group to negotiate for lower prices. Often retailers are happy to order larger lots of items at a lower price to get a guaranteed sale.

Where to shop for bulk discounts:

  • Discount School Supply: Shipping is 15% of your merchandise cost unless you catch a free shipping promo. Find great deals on back-to-school supplies and after-school recreation for kids.
  • Overstock.com: Get free shipping on any order over $45.00. Pay $4.95 shipping for orders under $45.00. Consider splitting the cost of joining Club O for more savings.
  • Costco and Sam’s Club: Warehouse clubs are great for buying in bulk, but the savings don’t matter if you can’t use it all. Team up with a friend to split the cost and reap the savings.
  • U.S. School Supply: You can get free shipping on all orders over $160.00 (otherwise, you pay $8.95 on orders under $35 and $13.95 on orders up to $160.00). Get extra savings by shopping the SALE page and by joining the email list.
  • Ask your teacher: Teachers frequently qualify for extra discounts when shopping for school supplies, so ask if your group can give your child’s teacher the funds to buy the supplies for your whole group. Another option is to pool funds with the whole class and have the teacher buy the supplies, then distribute what is bought.


7. Wait to buy non-essential (not needed during the first 2-3 weeks) supplies.

After the second week of September, back-to-school promotions and sales wind down. Unsold overstocked supplies get moved to the clearance aisle. And that is when you can snap them up for up to 90% off.

We regularly see 90% off back-to-school items at Target in the second or third week of September. For instance, If your kiddo needs 2 packs of notebook paper and 6 glue sticks, remember that they won’t use them all in the first week. Buy one of each so they’re prepared, then stock up when clearance goes live.


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