Back to School Supplies and Clothes

Get an A+ on all your Back to School Supply & Clothes Shopping for 2022! Don't let your school supply list drain your bank account. We've got the back to school shopping strategies for every list from elementary school to college prep. Back-to-School 2022 is almost here! We've got ways to save on everything from school supplies to clothes—plus, a FREE shopping list and downloadable stock-up price list!

When do back-to-school sales begin?

Back-to-school sales traditionally start up around July 1, peak around mid-July and last through September, but this year they're starting even earlier—stock shortages, shipping delays and inflation are causing retailers to get an even earlier start. Shop soon for the best savings!

Where are the best back-to-school sales?

You'll find great deals on school supplies at Target, Walmart, and even CVS and Walgreens. Clothing deals can be found everywhere from Children's Place to Gap Kids. Score deals on dorm essentials at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Walmart. Also, look for sales on laptops like MacBook Air, Chromebooks and tablets.
Back-to-School Sales Hacks For Smart Shoppers
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Ready for our top picks from this year's Back to School deals?
Our team writes Back to School deals daily from mid-Juy through end of August.
The Best Back to School Deals
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