When it comes to American Eagle, you can easily save up to 65% on jeans, T-shirts and more.

But how? How do I shop for clothes at American Eagle? When are the next American Eagle sales?

You’ve got all the questions, and here are all the answers.


1. Join AEO Connected to get up to 4% cash back on every purchase.

There are two tiers to American Eagle’s free rewards program. With the first tier, “Full Access,” you can earn 10 points per dollar you spend and get a $10 reward when you earn 2,500 points.

If you spend at least $350 per year at American Eagle, you’ll get “Extra Access,” which will earn you a $15 reward as soon as you earn 2,500 points. This is 6% cash back.

Best part? You can earn points for your purchases at both American Eagle and Aerie!


2. Get a 15% off American Eagle birthday coupon during your birthday month.

As an AEO Connected member, you’ll also get a special discount on your birthday — a 15% off coupon!

You can’t stack this coupon with other offers though.


3. Get every fifth pair of jeans and every fifth bra free at American Eagle.

These need to be regular-price purchases, but if you’re shopping jeans for fall anyway, you might as well get four so you can get an extra pair for free — ditto for bras.

You’ll get this benefit as an AEO Connected member.


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4. If something you bought at American Eagle goes on sale within 14 days, you can get the sale price.

This is called a price adjustment, and it’s a magical little way to save money on something after you’ve made the purchase.

Just bring your receipt into the store and ask for a price adjustment when your item gets a price drop within the first two weeks.

Check out all 21 stores that offer price adjustments.



5. The AEO Connected credit card offers 30% off your first purchase, but don’t sign up.

There are a couple of store credit cards worth your time, but American Eagle’s isn’t one of them.

Sure, you’ll get 30% off your first purchase, and sure, you’ll get free shipping.

But otherwise, it’s really not worth your time when you consider other, higher-value rewards credit cards.


6. If you don’t see your size on the floor, ask an American Eagle associate to check the back.

American Eagle stores only keep a few of the sizes on the floor, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of your size — ask them to look in the back if you don’t see what you need.


7. If you need a size larger than a 16, shop online.

American Eagle stores only carry up to size 16 in store, so definitely shop online if you’d like a larger size.


8. Unless you find an online return in store at American Eagle — these can be up to size 20.

Since you can buy up to a size 20 online, and since shoppers can return online purchases to the store, it’s normal for these to end up on the floor — especially if they’re current season stock.

Might be a reason to stop by and thumb through the racks!


9. American Eagle employees get up to 60% off (sometimes 80%!).

Sure, it might be an employer incentive to wear American Eagle clothing to work, but either way, this is a sweet perk!

When you first get hired, you’ll get a 50% discount for your first week. After that, the standard employee discount is 40% off.

But if you become a Jeans Expert, you can get up to 12 items a month for 60% off and 3 items a month for 80% off. The items must all be for you — so you cannot buy your sister a pair of jeans with your discount.



10. Save up to 22% after American Eagle coupons by paying with a Raise discounted gift card.

Gift cards that people sell to Raise at a loss should be your shopping BFF.

Basically, buy a gift card for less than its face value — for example, if it’s worth $25.00, you buy it for $20.00.

We’ve seen American Eagle gift cards reach as high as 22% off, which is a great discount to use on top of coupons and sales!


11. Use American Eagle gift cards at Aerie stores.

Since Aerie is owned by American Eagle, you can use their gift cards interchangeably.

But you should know that you can save more with an AE discounted gift card (22%) over an Aerie gift card (17%), so use an AE gift card at both stores.


12. Stock up on American Eagle undies when you can get them for $2.50 each or less.

Once a month, you’ll see a deal on American Eagle and Aerie undies — anything from “10 for $25” to “10 for $35.”

Aim to spend no more than $2.50 per pair of underwear during the “10 for $25” promotion.

Hold out for the $25 threshold in order to pay only $2.50 per pair — these show up about every other month or so, especially during spring and summer.


13. Get 25% off Tailgate vintage and college graphic tees when you sign up for emails.

Tailgate is American Eagle’s brand of vintage and college team graphic tees.

This is an easy discount to get — just enter your email address, and you’ll receive a coupon promo code in your inbox.

Plus, nobody will judge you for unsubscribing right after that if you don’t want emails from Tailgate every day.


14. Only use Style Drop (AE’s clothing rental service) if you’re spending over $50 per month at AE.

To a casual American Eagle shopper, Style Drop makes no sense.

It’s a clothing rental service similar to Stitch Fix except you don’t keep anything. You get three items out “at a time.” So you can wear three items one week, return them and get three more, rinse and repeat all month.

But it’s $49.95 per month to use the service, so it only makes sense if you’re already spending that every month at AE.


15. Stock up on American Eagle jeans when you see them for $19.00.

There are two ways you can get $19.00 jeans.

First, online in the clearance section, you can find “Last Chance” clearance jeans for $19.00.

You’ll save up to 68% because these jeans are normally $59.95.

Find out more tips for getting up to 75% off your favorite jeans.


16. Shop American Eagle clearance sales in January, March, July and October.

You can get up to 60% off clearance prices once a quarter, typically toward the end of each season. This is a great time to get jeans for $19.00 and T-shirts for $7.98.

TIP: Plan to stock up on basics like jeans, T-shirts and more for back to school during the summer clearance sale.


17. Students get a 20% discount when shopping online.

Are you a student? Just download the UNiDAYS app and get access to 20% off every time you shop AE online.

The only bummer is the discount is only good on regular-price items.


18. Stock up on winter clothes in March during American Eagle’s Friends and Family Sale.

During the Friends and Family Sale, you can get 30% off everything in the store, including clearance.

This is a recipe for killer savings on out-of-season items like sweaters, scarves, boots or anything else that is on the clearance rack.


19. Don’t buy outside shoe brands like Hunter boots at AE — buy them at 6pm.com instead.

When you shop online at American Eagle, you get access to loads of brand-name items like Hunter, Birkenstock and Reef.

You can get these brands for up to 69% less online at 6pm.com.

Hunter Original Short Gloss Rain Boot

Birkenstock Boston Clog

Reef Escape Flip-Flops


20. In fact, don’t bother with any American Eagle shoes at all. They’re made cheaply.

Outside brands are cheaper elsewhere and AE’s brand of shoes and boots won’t last longer than a season or two.

If you find shoes you must have and you can get them for at least 50% less than regular price during a sale, you could make an exception and get them. Otherwise, stay away!



21. Look for deals on jeans, bras, underwear and outerwear during Black Friday.

During the days leading up to Black Friday, American Eagle plays its greatest hits of sales, so to speak.

Plan to see $19.00 jeans, 60% off clearance sales, 50% off hoodies and outerwear and more.

Plus, you can get free shipping on everything except clearance items. This means it qualifies for free shipping as long as it’s not on the clearance rack, but a 50% off sale item still ships free.


22. Earn 6% cash back when you shop American Eagle online through RetailMeNot.

RetailMeNot offers 6% cash back when you initiate your purchase through their website.

These are savings on top of any discounts, coupon codes or anything else you use at AE.


23. Only shop American Eagle online if you plan to spend at least $50 to get free shipping.

Basically, shop in the store if you just need one inexpensive item. Otherwise, you’ll pay $7.00 for shipping.


24. Or select “Reserve Now” at checkout to get free store pickup.

The idea here is to reserve items online and try them on in the store.

But you could also just use it as a free store pickup option. You’ll pay for your item in store and not online, and this offer is only good for up to five items at a time.


25. Or get free shipping on your whole purchase if you buy a full-price or sale-price bra or swimsuit.

I’m not suggesting you do this instead of paying $7.00 for shipping.

Since you have to buy a full-price or sale-price bra (it just can’t be clearance) or suit in order to qualify, you’d pay more than the $7.00 shipping fee to add one to your bag.

But if you’re planning to buy a bra or swimsuit anyway, go ahead and do it online because shipping will be free!


26. Get an extra 25% off when you refer a friend (they’ll get 20% off).

Enter your friends’ email addresses, and if they sign up and make a purchase, you’ll get a 25% off coupon.

27. Recycle your old jeans for $10 off a new pair.

American Eagle has partnered with “Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green” program to turn your old jeans into housing insulation. In exchange, you’ll also get a coupon for $10 off a new pair of jeans! Helping the environment and a discount as well? That’s something we can happily get behind.


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