Back-to-school shopping is super fun, but you know what else I love? Back-to-school hairstyles for my daughter.

If you have a little girl, then make back to school even more exciting by giving her a chance to show off a fun new hairstyle! Most of these only look complicated, by the way. Trust me, these are some of the easier DIY back-to-school projects!

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1. The Bow Bun

This is a deceptively simple and seriously cute back-to-school hairstyle.

Pull hair into a loop at the crown then separate it into two equal parts. Make sure to leave a tail out when you first make the loop because you’re going to use it to separate the bun.

Leave a little at the end to curl for a curly “ribbon tail,” or pull tuck it in with bobby pins for a more finished look.


2. High Looped Ponytail

Pull all of the hair into a high ponytail, then secure a second elastic about two inches down. Gently pull the hair through so it puffs just a bit between the two elastics. Repeat for the length of the ponytail, leaving at least an inch or two at the bottom.

I can seriously complete this back-to-school hairstyle in under 5 minutes!

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3. Double Braid Ponytail

Braid two small sections of hair from the front and secure, then tie the braid in a knot before pulling it all back into a ponytail.

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4. Criss-Cross Ponytails

Part hair evenly and tie the front of the hair into two small pigtails. Criss-Cross the pigtails and tie into ponytails.


5. Looped pigtails

Start at the front and bring two even sections of hair into elastics. Pull a bit more hair — kind of like you would for a French braid — into the pigtails, and add a second set of elastics. Keep it up until you have equal lengths all the way down.

Want a really cute back-to-school hairstyle? Make the hair elastics different colors so your kiddo can wear a rainbow!



6. Wrapped Ponytail

Leave a strand underneath a ponytail free and use it to wrap around the ponytail elastic.

You could even take this cute back-to-school hairstyle up a notch and braid the hair that you wrap around!


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7. Double Buns

Part hair down the middle, twisting both sides down to the ends and into a bun.

Secure each bun with bobby pins crossed over each other for a more secure hold. This is such a cute back-to-school hairstyle! And it’s crazy simple, too!

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8. Double French Braid Pony

This is one of those back-to-school hairstyles that works well with short or long hair. And it’s even cuter if it’s a bit messy, in my opinion!

Divide the hair into two sections and begin French braiding. Rather than angling the braid straight down, angle it toward the nape of the neck. Once there tie it off with a clear elastic, then do the other side. Tie them together with a larger elastic or a cute bow.

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9. The Crown Braid

French braid hair starting behind the ear and braiding closely around the entire head.

Pin the braid’s tied end under existing braided pieces and pull the braid slightly to create a fuller-looking crown.

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10. Braided Pullback

Make a small braid starting at either temple. Secure each braid about halfway with a clear hair elastic. You can use a larger elastic to hold the two braids together, then hide it with a cute bow!


11. Asymmetric Ponytails

Diagonally part hair into two equal-sized sections from the front top corner to the opposite side nape.

This modern asymmetrical look on a classic style works for any age — moms included. Start by tying the section on the bottom and allowing the top ponytail to cross over the center to hide the part.


12. Flip-and-Twist Ponytail

Create a gap above the elastic of a loose ponytail and flip the end through it.


13. Triple Braided Buns.

Make three braids from the nape of the neck and pin each into a bun. Easy peasy!



14. The Sock Bun

Pull a ponytail through a sock with its toe-end cut off. Tuck and roll the ends of hair with the sock through to the base, then spread the hair out and pin loose ends.

Add a bow or leave it loose — either way, it’s going to be super cute!


15. Ribbon Twist

This style works great on medium and long length hair.

Divide a ponytail into two even sections and twist all the way down. Secure with a clear elastic.

Tie a long ribbon securely over the top elastic, then work the ribbon over and under one side of the twist, making sure to pull the ribbon through each time. When you get to the bottom, tie the ribbon around the clear elastic. Tie a bow around the top in matching ribbon and you have a great DIY for back-to-school!.


16. Braid Wrapped Bubble Ponytail

This is similar to the high looped ponytail, but it’s a little more work. Wrap two braids around a ponytail. Separate the ponytail into three sections and pull the edges of each section to create a fuller effect.

Follow these instructions to achieve this look.


17. The Twisted Front

Part hair to the side and twist the top section tightly before securing it with a ponytail.

By twisting the hair back and adding a little hair as you go, it makes the style more secure while keeping hair off the face throughout the day.


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