Checkout 51 is my second favorite money-saving app, right behind Ibotta! It’s easy to use, has a variety of offers, and I really love the check I get in the mail. In 2014, I earned $103.32! My Checkout 51 earnings goal for 2015 is $200. In order to meet your savings goals for 2015, try practicing these seven Checkout 51 tips so we can all maximize our earnings!

1. Choose the fruit/vegetable upon arrival at the store

One of the app’s newest features is a selection of a fruit or vegetable. The first time I used this feature, I quickly selected the fruit I thought I’d be purchasing when I went to the store, but I ended up changing my mind and purchasing another item. I missed out on the reward because I decided what I wanted before I even walked into the store! Instead of making this mistake—make sure to choose your fruit or vegetable once you get to the store, instead of buying something just for the app reimbursement.


2. Exclusive offers occur in addition to the weekly list

Checkout 51 may select exclusive offers for you to enjoy. These offers are based on your previous rebates and are chosen by the app. If you have a favorite offer, be sure to choose it to ensure more chances at an exclusive offer. I purchase a lot of Glade products, and I get rebates on them all of the time!

3. Take advantage of additional offers

I’m a granola fan, and these offers are frequently featured on my Checkout 51 account. I purchased this item every week for several weeks and was offered a survey to earn an additional $0.25 bonus. My favorite bonus is when I purchase one item, like with this Pledge offer below, and receive a bonus offer on frozen pizza for the next week!


4. Read the fine print of the offer

A great example is of the Nature Valley Protein Granola bags. This offer states “any variety.” However, it “excludes all varieties of Nature Valley bars.” Many deals may also be very particular about what size item you must purchase—so be careful!

5. Accept the upgrade offers

One reason to do this before you enter the store is so that you don’t forget the additional savings. A recent example is with the marinade offer below. You can earn an extra $1.50 just by gifting the offer to your Facebook friends. Remember that pennies add up to dollars, so always maximize your offers! Sometimes you may also receive an extra bonus for redeeming two offers during the same week.


6. Packing slips are accepted if the item is purchased online

This is perfect if you’re shopping with Amazon Prime Pantry. Read the specific wording of the offer before purchasing the item. The current offer for Urban Accents Spice Blends states “Any variety. Offer not available for online purchases.”

7. Take advantage of flash offers when they occur

A flash offer appears for a limited time instead of the usual Thursday – Wednesday timeframe. It’s imperative to make sure your notifications are turned on so that you’ll receive the alert!

Bonus tips: Here are five quick tips about Checkout 51 that can help you increase earnings and specify your offer list:

  • New offers are based on previous offers you’ve claimed. I claim a fruit/vegetable offer every week. Now they’re routinely on my list.
  • More offers claimed increases the number of personalized offers received. This is evidenced by the increasing number of Glade offers I receive every week.
  • Checkout 51 plans more offers based on your specific location. More offers at my local store!
  • Checkout 51 notifies you via email within 15 minutes of a submitted receipt. If you don’t receive the email, resubmit for credit.
  • Popular offers will run out quickly. Make sure the offer is available when you purchase the item and immediately download your receipt after the purchase.
8 Tips to Maximize Your Checkout 51 Earnings