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There’s no doubt that couponing at Target can get you great deals. But there’s a handful of items you shouldn’t buy — including some Market Pantry products. The items listed below are not always the most cost effective, and many have horrible reviews. Even if you can get them for cheap, they aren’t worth grabbing.

Many name-brand products can be scooped up for less than Market Pantry or other Target brands when using coupons and rebate apps.

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1. Never buy Market Pantry Target pizza — get name brand.

A person's hand holding up a four cheese Target brand pizza in the frozen food section.

Many Market Pantry frozen foods have poor reviews, but none worse than the four cheese pizza’s 2.4-star rating. Reviewers are saying that the crust has changed and the taste is bland.

Instead of buying Target pizza, just wait for a sale on name-brand frozen pizza and use an Ibotta rebate:

In-Store Deal
DiGiorno Frozen Pizza, 18.3 - 31.5 oz
$2.80 $5.49 (49% Off)
Pay $3.80, submit for $1 Ibotta credit
Expires Apr 22, 2024
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2. Never buy Target Up & Up permanent markers — wait for Sharpie sales at Target.

A person's hand holding up some Up&Up Permanent markers at Target.

The best time of year to buy permanent markers is during the back-to-school shopping season in July and August. That’s when we see both sales and coupons. But if you need permanent markers now, don’t go generic to save money — at least not at Target.

These Target Up & Up permanent markers are described as “awful, dry, and leaky” in reviews. One review even said to just buy Sharpies instead.

Here’s a deal I saw on Sharpies at Target. You’ll get much higher quality for only a few more bucks (and a lower price per marker):

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3. Avoid buying Market Pantry Target popcorn.

A person holding two boxes of Market Pantry microwave popcorn in front of a Target shopping cart.

Pop Secret popcorn is $4.99 for 12 bags every day at Target, or about $0.42 a bag. That’s actually cheaper than Market Pantry’s cost per bag, which comes out to about $0.45. Plus, with coupons, you can get a name brand cheaper.

Just read the reviews that claim Market Pantry Butter Popcorn or Market Pantry Extra Butter Popcorn both taste like chemicals. And that’s for the kernels that actually pop; sounds like there are many that don’t.

So skip the Target popcorn. I’m sticking with name-brand deals at Target like this one:

In-Store Deal
2 Pop Secret Popcorn, 6 Count
$4.75 $6.00 (21% Off)
Expires Apr 22, 2024
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4. Never buy Up & Up Target sunscreen — get name brands for less.

A person's hand holding a bottle of Up&UP sport sunscreen spray in front of a shopping cart in the sun care aisle at Target.

Consistent bad reviews for the last seven years leave me shocked this Target sunscreen is even still on shelves. The Up & Up Sport Sunscreen Lotion has reviewers who said they broke out in rashes while wearing the sunscreen.

And while the Up & Up Sport Sunscreen Continuous Spray protects a little better, (although some reviewers said not at all), it apparently stains or bleaches your clothes.

Instead, look for name-brand sunscreen at Target with special offers:

In-Store Deal
Banana Boat Ultra Sport Clear Sunscreen Spray 30 SPF, 9.5 oz
$6.02 $9.49 (37% Off)
Pay $9.02, submit for $3 Ibotta credit
(just $0.63 per ounce)
Expires Apr 22, 2024
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5. Don’t buy Target Good & Gather tortellini — use coupons on name brands.

A person's hand holding a package of Good & Gather four-cheese tortellini in front of a shelf in the pasta aisle inside Target.

With an average rating of 3.2 stars from over 90 reviewers, this Target Good & Gather Four Cheese Tortellini (formally Archer Farms) is one item I won’t cook for my family.

Reviewers agree the cheese stays hard even after cooking and, according to one reviewer, “I wish I could leave no stars. I took one bite and it tasted like a salt lick.” Our recommendation? Go with Barilla instead:

In-Store Deal
Barilla Collezione Three Cheese Tortellini, 12 oz
$4.12 $5.12 (20% Off)
$1.00/1 - Barilla Pasta product from Save March 27
Expires Apr 22, 2024
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6. Don’t buy Up & Up Target tampons — stick with the name brands.

A box of Up&Up regular tampons being held next to a shelf of more of the same product inside Target

Up & Up Target tampons claim they’re similar to Tampax Pearl, but reviewers across all varieties strongly disagree. Quality, comfort, and effectiveness are all seriously called into question by dozens of reviewers.

Instead, stack a coupon and rebate at Target on name-brand tampons:

In-Store Deal
2 Kotex Click Tampons, 16 count
$1.49 $7.78 (81% Off)
$2.00/2 - U by Kotex Tampons from SS March 13
Pay $5.49, submit for $4 Fetch Rewards credit
Expires Apr 22, 2024
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7. Avoid buying Good & Gather Target coffee — sip on Starbucks.

A person's hand holding a package of Good & Gather cinnamon vanilla coffee in the coffee aisle at Target.

Reviewers miss the Archer Farms brand, which has been replaced by Good & Gather. Good & Gather (formerly Archer Farms) Target coffee reviews are fairly poor overall, but no flavor ranks worse than Cinnamon Vanilla.

You can find plenty of deals on other brands of Target coffee at Target like Starbucks and Pete’s. Wait for a Circle offer on Starbucks coffee at Target instead:

In-Store Deal
3 Starbucks Whole Bean or Ground Coffee 12 oz
$13.66 $22.47 (39% Off)
$5.99 each with same-day order services
Expires Apr 22, 2024
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8. Don’t purchase Target Up & Up plastic storage bags — get Ziploc for less.

A person's hand holding two boxes of Up&Up food storage bags in front of a shopping cart at Target.

Consistently poor reviews across the Target Up & Up plastic storage line warn to steer clear of it all. The bags are inclined to rip at the seams or not close at all and, as one reviewer shared, ruin your Sunday night by bursting as you carry the marinating vegetables across the kitchen.

You’re better off looking for a deal on Ziploc and Glad bags than buying these low-quality bags.

In-Store Deal
4 Ziploc Top Seal Sandwich Bags, 150 count
$9.22 $19.96 (54% Off)
Free $5 Target Gift Card with $15 Ziploc Purchase
Pay $14.22, receive $5 Target gift card
Expires Apr 22, 2024
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9. Avoid buying Crest or Colgate toothpaste at Target.

A person's hand holding a box of Crest toothpaste in the Target toothpaste aisle.

Name-brand, high-end toothpaste is one of the easiest items to get cheap (or even free) with coupons when you shop at drugstores like CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid.

Target does have coupons and promotions that leave the final price under a dollar, but if you want to get the very best deal, load up on toothpaste coupons and head to your favorite drugstore like CVS:

In-Store Deal
2 Crest Select Toothpaste
$0.98 $8.38 (88% Off)
Buy 2, receive $3 ExtraBucks
Pay $3.98, receive $3 ExtraBucks
Expires Apr 22, 2024
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10. Deals on Target condoms are few and far between. Buy condoms at the drugstore instead.

A person's hand holding a box of Trojan condoms in front of the condom shelf at Target.

Drugstores are the place to get condoms. And there are a fair number of Trojan-brand competitors that frequently release coupons, including Skyn and Sustain brands. Target rarely has condom deals or Circle offers valid on condoms. Look for condom coupons and save at a drugstore instead of buying Target condoms. That’s where all the deals are at.

Here’s an awesome deal I found at Rite Aid:

In-Store Deal
2 LifeStyles Skyn Non-Latex Condoms, 12 Count
$2.98 $12.98 (77% Off)
Buy 2, receive $10 BonusCash
Pay $12.98, receive $10 BonusCash
Expires Apr 22, 2024
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11. Avoid buying Target candy — go to a drugstore instead.

A view down the shelf of the candy aisle at Target.

The best places to score great deals on candy are typically the drugstores: CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid. There are almost never deals on Target candy that even compare.

Check out this bargain at CVS:

In-Store Deal
2 Hershey's Kisses Chocolate Candy Bag
$4.00 $9.18 (56% Off)
$3 each when you buy 2
Expires Apr 22, 2024
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12. Don’t get tricked by a Circle offer — you’ll overpay for Target bread.

A person's hand holding a loaf of Franz Honey Wheat bread next to a shelf filled with bread at Target.

There are frequent Circle offers in the Target app to save an extra 5% on bread, but Target bread prices are so high that the after-coupon price is still too much. You’re better off using a coupon at a regular grocery store:

In-Store Deal
Sara Lee Bread, 16 - 24 oz
$0.99 $2.99 (67% Off)
Expires Apr 22, 2024
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12 Items Couponers Should Never Buy at Target - Including Market Pantry