Myth number one about couponing: I can’t save money on healthy products. Coupons are only available for processed junk food. Ack! I have heard that SO. MANY. TIMES! So, let me refute it here and then I’ll pass along this link every time I hear it again!

I’m not saying that there aren’t a lot of coupons for Hamburger Helper, Pop-Tarts, sugary Go-Gurt and Capri-Sun. Certainly there are, and saving a lot of money on junk food is an easier task than saving on organics and fresh food. But I’ve been shocked at all the coupons I’ve found for healthy products, especially those for produce. In just the last three months, I’ve redeemed coupons for Driscoll’s berries, Dulcinea melons, Del Monte pineapple, Fresh Express salad, Organic Girl, Earthbound Farm, a 5-pound bag of Vidalia onions, bananas and Hass avocados.

I often get a comment from the cashier asking where I find my produce coupons. Here’s what I tell him! I have five favorite places to check for produce coupons. I learned about them from watching The Krazy Coupon Lady on Marie Osmond’s show. In addition to following KCL and checking their database of coupons, I follow these five sites on Facebook:

5 Facebook Pages to Follow for Produce Coupons