A classic stigma attributed to couponers is that we take forever at checkout. While our transactions are a little more complex, there are steps you can take that can really streamline the checkout process (and hopefully save you from the scowls of fellow shoppers).

Write it out

Always, always prepare a shopping list! In the past, sifting through all the ads and stacks of coupons would have taken hours, but here at KCL, we do the work for you! Simply click on your favorite store from the drop-down menu above to see all the hot deals going on that week. We’ll let you know what the best prices are, which coupons to use, and where you can find them.

Get it together

Find a coupon organization method that works best for you. Whether it’s a file box, a reusable envelope, a binder or a clutch organizer, you’ll want a place to stash your coupons that you can access quickly and effectively. Clip and organize your coupons before you head to the store. At checkout, ask your cashier if they would like your coupons as you go or at the end, and let them know if you will be price matching or using a rain check before they ring up the items.


For those who want to redeem multiple coupons at once, check out eCoupons! Upload these coupons electronically to your store loyalty card, and they will apply automatically at checkout when you swipe your card. They can be loaded, and the majority can only be used one time per card, though some eCoupons’ fine print states that it can be used on multiples! There's no need to clip and file these, and you can add several within seconds. Check out which eCoupons are available at a variety of stores HERE.

Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey!

There is a reason that this is the title of our best-selling book! Not many people like waiting in long lines, so give fair warning to those behind you. Kindly let them know that you have coupons and your transaction(s) might take a while. If there are other lines open, try suggesting that they hop on over to another register if they don’t want to wait.

Stay calm

No matter how well a Krazy Couponer prepares, sometimes things go wrong and checkout takes longer than anticipated. Remain composed and as kind as possible. If there is a question about coupon acceptance, pull out the corporate policy and nicely explain what you understand the policy to be.

Get Organized for a Faster Checkout