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Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand is here to help you feel good about dissing expensive brand names. Some of these are so close to their counterparts that you can’t tell the difference even after close inspection!

I found one catch, though. True to Costco’s M.O., you can’t always find all of these items at the warehouse. Some of them are seasonal, meaning they might not be at your local Costco when you want them. But if you think about the seasons and try to shop at the start of a new season (wool socks in the fall, sunglasses at the start of summer), you’ll be fine.

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1. Buy Kirkland Vodka instead of Grey Goose.

Kirkland brand vodka at Costco

It might not actually be Grey Goose under a private label, but Kirkland Signature vodka is so affordable, I doubt you’ll care who makes it.

  • Kirkland Signature vodka: $0.22 per ounce
  • Grey Goose vodka: $1.19 per ounce

Savings: $0.97 per ounce


2. Buy Kirkland golf balls instead of Titleist Pro V1.

Kirkland brand golf balls at Costco

Kirkland Signature golf balls have the same three-piece construction as Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. But when you go with Kirkland, you’ll get four balls for the price of one Titleist ball.

Savings: $3.13 per ball


3. Buy Kirkland hearing aids instead of Phonak.

Play brochure for Kirkland signature hearing aid at Costco

Kirkland Signature (KS 10.0) hearing aids are manufactured by Sonova, the same company that makes a competitor brand, Phonak. But when you buy the Kirkland version, you’ll keep hundreds of dollars in your wallet!

Savings: $716.01


4. Buy Kirkland pots and pans instead of Calphalon.

Kirkland brand cookware at Costco

Calphalon ain’t cheap. I must be in a very giving mood, because I’m including the Calphalon price with a $100 rebate that expires mid-June 2021. Normally the cookware sets are $299.99.

Also make sure you notice that you’re getting two additional pieces with the Kirkland set, so it’s less expensive and you get more.

Savings: $75


5. Buy Kirkland men’s jeans instead of Levi’s.

Men's Kirkland signature jeans held in Costco

Holding these two brands of jeans up next to each other, I cannot tell the difference. Your wallet can tell, though — you could get two pairs of the Kirkland jeans for the price of one pair of Levi’s.

Savings: $16 per pair



6. Buy Kirkland motor oil instead of Mobile.

Kirkland brand motor oil at Costco

All things being equal, why not save a little over two dollars per quart on motor oil?

Savings: $2.07 per quart



7. Buy Kirkland polarized sunglasses instead of Ray Bans.

Kirkland sunglasses at Costco

Kick brand loyalty out and go with Kirkland sunglasses. They’re anti-reflective and polarized, and the only difference is you won’t have “Ray Ban” written on them. At this price difference, who cares?

Savings: $143.01 per pair


8. Buy a Kirkland organic reversible bath mat instead of one at Pottery Barn.

Kirkland brand bath mats at Costco

Hear me out — Kirkland’s bath mats are organic and huge and therefore not really comparable to what you’d find at Walmart or Target. That’s why I’m comparing the Kirkland bath mat to one at Pottery Barn. Pottery Barn’s bath mats are organic, but not reversible that I could tell. And they don’t have the exact size to compare, but like the pots and pans, Pottery Barn’s mat is smaller and still more expensive.

Savings: $32.51 per mat


9. Buy Kirkland Signature outdoor trail socks instead of a pair of Smartwool.

Buy Kirkland Signature outdoor trail socks instead of Smartwool Hiking socks.

Did you know that Kirkland offers a merino wool sock for way, way less than Smartwool? After wearing both I can honestly say Kirkland socks kept my feet the right temperature in a way only merino wool can.

Savings: $20.45 per pair



10. Buy Kirkland men’s dress shirts instead of shirts made by Ralph Lauren.

Kirkland signature men's performance a sport shirts at Costco

Considering you can even find styles that mimic Ralph Lauren, what’s the point of buying a brand-name dress shirt when you can get them for so much cheaper? You could buy four Kirkland shirts for what you’d pay for one Ralph Lauren.

Savings: $62.51 each


Those are my top ten Kirkland products, but we all have our favorites. I’m willing to edit if you have any suggestions. Just drop ’em in the comments!


10 Costco Kirkland Items That Are Better than the Brand Name