Costco’s Kirkland Signature store brand has a huge cult following, and it’s no wonder when you compare the savings.

Here are the 20 items you should never buy name brand again:


1. Buy Kirkland Signature outdoor trail socks instead of Smartwool Hiking socks.

Smartwool might be the high-end choice, but Kirkland offers a quality wool blend hiking sock for way, way less. You pay just $9.99 for four Kirkland pairs instead of $15.90 for a single pair of Smartwool socks, making Kirkland socks the no-brainer choice. After wearing both I can honestly say Kirkland socks kept my feet just as toasty.

  • Kirkland Signature outdoor trail socks: $2.50 per pair
  • Smartwool hiking socks: $15.90 per pair
  • You save: $13.40 per pair


2. Buy Kirkland Signature pure maple syrup instead of Roxbury Mountain.

Pure maple syrup coupons are few and far between, which means you need to get creative to find deals.

Look no further than Costco, which sells 100% pure maple syrup for only $0.30 per oz, almost $1.40 cheaper per oz than Roxbury.

  • Kirkland Signature pure maple syrup: $0.38 per oz
  • Roxbury Mountain pure maple syrup: $1.77 per oz
  • You save: $1.39 per oz


3. Buy Kirkland Signature pure vanilla instead of McCormick.

Is it just me, or has the price of vanilla gone way up?! Pure vanilla extract at imitation vanilla prices can only be found at Costco.

  • Kirkland Signature pure vanilla extract: $1.00 per oz
  • McCormick pure vanilla extract: $2.00 per oz
  • You save: $1.00 per oz


4. Buy Kirkland Signature walnuts instead of Fisher.

You’re gonna save almost a full dollar per ounce when you buy Kirkland walnuts.

  • Kirkland Signature whole walnuts: $0.31 per oz
  • Fisher whole walnuts: $1.20 per oz
  • You save: $0.89 per oz



5. Buy Kirkland Signature infant formula instead of Similac.

Rumor has it, Similac infant formula and its Kirkland Signature sister are secretly the same product.

  • Kirkland Signature non-GMO infant formula: $0.49
  • Similac non-GMO infant formula: $1.19 per oz
  • You save: $0.70 per oz


6. Buy Kirkland Signature French Vodka instead of Grey Goose.

Rumor has it these two products are made by the same company, just poured into differently labeled bottles.

  • Kirkland Signature French Vodka price per oz: $0.52 per oz
  • Grey Goose Vodka price per oz: $1.19 per oz
  • You save: $0.67 per oz


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7. Buy Kirkland Signature cooking spray instead of PAM.

The only difference between Kirkland and PAM is the $0.40 per oz I keep in my wallet by buying Kirkland.

  • Kirkland Signature Canola Oil cooking spray: $0.35 per oz
  • PAM canola oil cooking spray: $0.75 per oz
  • You save: $0.40 per oz


8. Buy Kirkland Signature K-Cups instead of Green Mountain.

Coffee snobs rejoice: Kirkland makes a breakfast blend K-Cup that’s just as good as the Green Mountain variety, for around 40% less per cup.

  • Kirkland Signature Breakfast Blend K-Cups: $0.32 per K-Cup
  • Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K-Cups: $0.48 per K-Cup
  • You save: $0.16 per K-Cup


9. Buy Kirkland Signature batteries instead of Duracell.

Costco’s AA alkalines are actually made by Duracell, just wrapped in a different wrapper. So save yourself $0.012 per battery, and pick up some Kirkland Signature batteries instead.

  • Kirkland Signature AA Alkaline batteries: $0.26 per battery
  • Duracell AA Alkaline batteries: $0.38 per battery
  • You save: $0.12 per battery


10. Buy Kirkland Signature bacon instead of Oscar Mayer.

Kirkland Signature bacon is about $1.50 less per pound than most well-known brands, so you’re saving money by picking it over Oscar Mayer. Plus, Kirkland bacon ranked first on the Consumer Reports review of bacon for quality and price. Score one for Costco.

  • Kirkland Signature bacon: $0.23 per oz
  • Oscar Mayer bacon: $0.34 per oz
  • You save: $0.11 per oz



11. Buy Kirkland Signature Organic fruit snacks instead of Annie’s Organic.

Annie’s Organic can get pricey, so skip it and go with Kirkland brand fruit snacks.

Plus, unlike Annie’s Organic fruit snacks, Kirkland Signature fruit snacks list an actual fruit ingredient, “apple juice concentrate,” as the first ingredient, instead of third.

  • Kirkland Signature Organic fruit snacks: $0.29 per oz ($0.23 per pouch)
  • Annie’s Organic fruit snacks: $0.39 per oz ($0.39 per pouch)
  • You save: $0.10 per oz


12. Buy Kirkland Signature organic peanut butter instead of Adams.

Save yourself $0.08 per oz and pick up Kirkland peanut butter instead of Adams next time.

  • Kirkland Signature organic peanut butter: $0.22 per oz
  • Adams peanut butter: $0.30 per oz
  • You save: $0.08 per oz


13. Buy Kirkland Signature medication instead of Prilosec, Advil, Aleve or Benadryl.

If you’re paying for name-brand medication, you’re wasting dollar bills on the packaging alone. Kirkland Signature ibuprofen has the same ingredients in the same amounts as Advil (and works just as well).

  • Kirkland Signature Ibuprofen: $0.01 per tablet
  • Advil: $0.08 per tablet
  • You save: $0.07 per tablet


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14. Buy Kirkland Signature Free & Clear detergent instead of All Free & Clear.

Choose Kirkland Signature Free & Clear over All to save $0.06 per load.

  • Kirkland Free & Clear liquid laundry detergent: $0.13 per load
  • All Free & Clear liquid laundry detergent: $0.19 per load
  • You save: $0.06 per load


15. Buy Kirkland Signature mayonnaise instead of Hellmann’s.

For about 30% less per oz, Kirkland Real Mayonnaise saves you $0.04 per oz over Hellmann’s.

  • Kirkland Signature mayonnaise: $0.09 per oz
  • Hellmann’s mayonnaise: $0.13 per oz
  • You save: $0.04 per oz


16. Buy Kirkland Signature organic chicken stock instead of Swanson.

When you hear “organic,” your instinct might be to scream “expensive.” But at Costco you save $0.03 per oz by picking up Kirkland Signature organic chicken stock instead of buying Swanson.

  • Kirkland organic chicken stock: $0.07 per oz
  • Swanson organic chicken stock: $0.10 per oz
  • You save: $0.03 per oz



17. Buy Kirkland Signature tuna instead of Bumblebee.

Kirkland Signature tuna gives Bumblebee a run for their money and costs $0.02 less per oz.

  • Kirkland Signature canned tuna: $0.26 per oz
  • Bumblebee canned tuna: $0.28 per oz
  • You save: $0.02 per oz


18. Buy Kirkland Signature diapers instead of Huggies.

Kirkland diapers are made by Kimberly Clark, same as Huggies. Save $0.02 per diaper by grabbing the Kirkland Signature box instead of Huggies.

  • Kirkland Signature size 1 diapers: $0.16 per diaper
  • Huggies size 1 diapers: $0.18 per diaper
  • You save: $0.02 per diaper


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19. Buy Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil instead of Filippo Berio.

Kirkland Signature Olive Oil isn’t diluted with cheaper oils, unlike other store brands.

  • Kirkland Signature Olive Oil: $0.26 per oz
  • Filippo Berio Olive Oil: $0.28 per oz
  • You save: $0.02 per oz


20. Buy Kirkland Signature baby wipes instead of Pampers.

When you have a few babies in diapers, you’re going through wipes like crazy, and every penny counts. Kirkland wipes hold up as well as Pampers and cost $0.01 less per wipe.

  • Kirkland Signature baby wipes: $0.02 per wipe
  • Pampers baby wipes: $0.03 per wipe
  • You save: $0.01 per wipe


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