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Who Makes Kirkland Dog Food? Plus Other Ways to Save on Fido at Costco

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When it comes to your dog, you want to make sure they’re getting the best, especially when it comes to their diet. It’s always good to know what’s in their food and also where it’s made. Ideally the dog food will be on your vet’s list of recommended brands so you know it’s healthy and can help your pup live a long life. But value is also incredibly important. So who makes Kirkland dog food? Because that stuff is a pretty good buy, but you want to make sure it’s good for pups, too.

We’re covering everything we’ve unearthed about Kirkland dog food, the Costco store brand. While it’s not the most expensive or premium dog food on the market, it’s also not the cheapest. But it still makes the cut onto most veterinarians’ lists of recommended foods. So it’s one worth checking out.

Let’s explore who makes Kirkland dog food and where you can buy it.

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Who makes Kirkland dog food?

bag of dog food in cart

Kirkland dog food is made by Diamond Pet Foods. Diamond Pet Foods has five manufacturing facilities in the U.S., including locations in Arkansas, California, South Carolina, and Missouri. They also make their own Diamond dog and cat foods in a variety of different formulas. Interestingly a 40-pound bag of Kirkland Signature Adult Formula dog food is $53.99 on, whereas Diamond Premium Adult Formula dog food is $46.99 on, also for a 40-pound bag.


If you’re curious about it, know Kirkland dog food is considered good quality.

Kirkland dog food is excellent. Most of the lines do include grains but not any grains that are fillers, like wheat, soy, or corn. Instead you’ll find rice on the ingredient list. Many dog food review sites give it four-and-a-half to five stars for quality, and it’s found on many veterinarians’ lists of recommended dog foods.



Buy Kirkland dog food at Costco.

bags of dog food in store

Kirkland is a Costco brand, so you can only buy Kirkland dog food at Costco. There are several different formulas once you’re inside the warehouse club, though:

  • Adult formula: Chicken, rice & vegetable
  • Adult formula: Lamb, rice & vegetable
  • Nature’s Domain: Salmon & sweet potato
  • Nature’s Domain: Beef & sweet potato
  • Nature’s Domain: Turkey meal & sweet potato
  • Nature’s Domain: Organic chicken & ancient grains
  • Nature’s Domain: Turkey & ancient grains
  • Nature’s Domain Small Breed: Salmon & lentils
  • Small dog formula: Chicken & vegetables
  • Mature dog formula: Chicken, rice & egg
  • Puppy formula: Chicken, rice & vegetable
  • Nature’s Domain puppy formula: Chicken & pea
  • Healthy weight formula: Chicken & vegetables


Save money on dog care at Costco.

Kirkland dog food is something you buy because it’s good for your dog, not because it’s the cheapest option on the market. The lowest price I’ve seen has been $1.20 per pound, and that’s on the Healthy Weight formula. Others cost more.

There are other ways that pet care can help make up for the cost of your Costco membership, though. And we’re sharing them with you below.

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Cadet Toro Bully Hide Rolls are a ridiculously great deal.

bag of dog treats being held

Costco has one of the best prices on bully sticks! You can buy 12 Cadet Toro bully hide rolls for $56.99, or about $4.75 each depending on location. This price even beats Chewy, who sells sets of four Cadet bully hide rolls for $23.97 (about $5.99 each).

Buying at Costco saves you $11.89 on each 12-pack of bully sticks, so you can make up your $60 membership fee after buying just five to six bags. Costco shoppers also appreciate Cadet’s clear packaging, so you can see the quality of each stick before you purchase.


Pet prescriptions can be up to 40% cheaper at Costco.

Costco has some of the lowest prices on pet medications — some of the price differences can save you up to 40%! Here are some of the most popular pet prescriptions at Costco, though you can check out the full list of meds here:

  • Simparica Trio
  • Rimadyl
  • Gabapentin
  • Trazodone
  • Tramadol
  • Interceptor Plus
  • Fluoxetine
  • Latanoprost
  • Galliprant
  • Revolution Plus
  • Enalapril
  • Sildenafil
  • Apoquel
  • Clavamox
  • Trifexis
  • Levetiracetam


Dog toys & beds are shockingly less expensive at Costco.

Another big area for pet savings is dog toys and beds.

For example, right now if you were to purchase a La-Z-Boy dog sofa at Costco, you would get $50 off the base price of $249.99, thanks to a manufacturer promo through April 2, 2023. That brings the total price down to $199.99.

But if you were to get a La-Z-Body dog sofa at Petco? The base price is $349.99 – $399.99; however the sale price is $265 – $334.95 depending on color. The sale price is higher than Costco’s base price. This one single purchase could help you make up for Costco membership fees alone.

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