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10 Surprising Costco Clothing Deals That Are Up to 73% Cheaper Than Retail

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When you think of shopping for name-brand clothing, Costco probably isn’t the first store that comes to mind — but maybe it should be! We've already told you how Costco sells Kirkland versions of many name-brand products (like Kirkland dog food and Kirkland vodka), but they also have some surprisingly great deals on name-brand clothing items.

And we’re not talking about Kirkland brand clothing here. These are the real-deal items from popular brands like Adidas, Champion, Columbia, Levi's, Puma, and more.

According to our calculations, the savings can be as high as 73% when you compare Costco's prices to the same exact item at other retailers. And on average, you’ll save around 50% when you shop for these name brands at Costco versus other retailers.

So before you make your next Costco run, add these name-brand clothing deals to your shopping list. And remember — Costco's prices are lowest when you shop in-store (vs. online), and supplies may be limited.

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Why Costco Name Brands Are Cheaper

You’ll consistently find name brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, Eddie Bauer, and Levi’s for sale at Costco for much cheaper prices than competitors. Occasionally, you’ll find one-off deals from other name brands, too — like the six-pack of Timberland socks (listed below) that I found at my store in late February.

So how can Costco sell name brand clothing items at such a steep discount? There are two main reasons for this, which I'll sum up here:

  1. Bulk Buying: Costco buys a limited selection of items but in huge quantities. This means they pay less for each item, so they can afford to sell it at a lower price, too.

  2. Lower Markup: Costco tends to cap their markup around 15% (according to sources like Forbes), so this works to your advantage on name-brand clothing items that typically have a much higher markup at traditional retailers.

Best Name Brand Clothes Deals at Costco

1. Levi's Ladies' 311 Shaping Skinny Jean, $29.97


How much you save: 50%

Where to get the best deal: In the warehouse

Did you know that Costco is one of the best places to buy Levi’s jeans? You can find styles for almost 50% off when you shop at the warehouse. For example, this 311 Shaping Skinny Jean costs $29.97 in-store at Costco vs. $59.99 on Levis.coma difference of 50%.

If you shop Costco online, the same pair of jeans is $39.99 (because they include shipping and handling in the cost). But this is still 33% cheaper than Levi's.

The Costco website has additional styles of Levi’s jeans (in women’s and men’s), all significantly cheaper than other retailers.

KCL TIP: Don't expect a huge selection of styles when you're shopping for name-brand items at Costco. They limit the selection for a reason. For example, Costco only sells about five styles of Levi’s jeans, while stores like Walmart and Amazon may have dozens. But those competitors will also charge you more, since they're likely paying more for a smaller quantity of each style.

2. Puma Men's Pullover Hoodie, $19.99

How much you save: 33%

Where to get the best deal: In the warehouse

The Puma pullover hoodie at Costco comes in three different colors, and the in-store price of $19.99 is 33% cheaper than the same hoodie sold by Walmart.

If you shop on Costco.com, you'll pay $21.99 for the Puma hoodie, which is still lower than the Walmart price.

KCL TIP: You can save even more on Costco.com when you stock up during a "Buy More & Save" sale. For example, through March 17, 2024, you’ll get $20 off when you buy 5 - 9 qualifying clothing items online.

3. Eddie Bauer Ladies' Microfleece Button-Up Shirt, $18.99

How much you save: 49%

Where to get the best deal: Costco.com

Score this Eddie Bauer shirt from Costco.com for 48% cheaper than the same style available from Walmart for $36.99. The shirt comes in three colors and six sizes on the Costco site.

The Costco find is an even better deal when you compare it to similar styles on the actual Eddie Bauer website, where some styles cost as much as $95. That’s a savings of more than $76 per shirt by going with Costco!

4. Calvin Klein Men's Wrinkle-Free Dress Shirt, $19.99

How much you save: 64%

Where to get the best deal: In the warehouse

Stock up on men’s dress shirts with this insane deal. Costco sells Calvin Klein wrinkle-free button-up dress shirts in the warehouse for just $19.99 (or $24.99 on Costco.com).

I found that the Calvin Klein storefront on Amazon sells the exact same style for $55 per shirt. By shopping at Costco, you’ll get 64% off — for a total savings of $35.01 per shirt!

5. Calvin Klein Men's Micro Mesh Boxer, 3-pack, $18.99


How much you save: 46%

Where to get the best deal: In the warehouse

Costco is a great place to score deals on name-brand staple items like socks and underwear. I found a three-pack of Calvin Klein boxers at my Costco store for $18.99, making each pair just $6.33. (You'll pay $22.99 on Costco.com.)

The same set on Amazon sells for $35.30, which means their boxers are $11.76 per pair — almost double the Costco warehouse price! The only downside is the limited color selection at Costco.

6. Calvin Klein Fleece PJ Set, $14.97

How much you save: 55%

Where to get the best deal: In the warehouse

You’ll be extra comfy in these Calvin Klein fleece pajamas knowing you scored them more than half off the price at other retailers. My Costco warehouse sells a Calvin Klein PJ set for $14.97 (the set is $22.99 on Costco.com).

You’ll find the exact same set sold by Calvin Klein on Amazon for $32.99 — more than double the price. The Amazon listing does offer eight colors (compared to just three from Costco), but for such a great deal, it’s worth it to go with Costco.

7. Timberland Men's Crew Sock, 6-Pack, $7.99


How much you save: 49%

Where to get the best deal: In the warehouse (limited-time offer)

Stock up on durable men’s socks for nearly half the price of other retailers when you grab this six-pack of Timberland socks. They’re 49% off the price of Amazon’s identical set for $15.79.

These six-packs are only available in-store, so grab them while you can.

KCL TIP: You’ll know when something is only around for a limited time if you don’t see it on Costco.com. This Timberland sock pack is only available in-stores, so it likely isn’t a permanent thing. It’s best to jump on those kinds of deals when you see them, since you can’t just buy more online. (Plus, in-store prices are usually a few dollars cheaper anyway!)

8. Adidas Kids' 3-Piece Active Set, $19.99


How much you save: More than 50%

Where to get the best deal: In the warehouse

Just one logo-print shirt on Adidas.com ($20) costs more than the entire three-piece set from Costco. And with the Costco in-store deal, you get two shirts and either a pair of shorts or a skort for $19.99. If you shop online, the same set is still a good deal — $21.99 on Costco.

That means you’ll basically score an entire outfit for free by going with Costco over Adidas.com!

9. Eddie Bauer Ladies' Convertible Pant, $19.99

How much you save: 73%

Where to get the best deal: In the warehouse

Costco is a great place to buy staple items like jeans or work pants, and you can’t beat this incredible deal on Eddie Bauer ladies’ pants. They’re available in-store at Costco for $19.99, or $21.99 on Costco.com.

The same pair from the Eddie Bauer site will cost you $75. That’s a savings of more than $55 per pair of pants at Costco!

10. Speedo Ladies' Swim Skort, $14.99

How much you save: 50%

Where to get the best deal: In the warehouse

Costco sells a Speedo ladies’ swim skort for $14.99 in stores (it's $16.99 on Costco.com). The exact same swim sort is available from a Walmart third-party seller for $29.99, or double the price.

KCL TIP: Walmart’s website does have two more color options than Costco.com, but my physical Costco store had more colors available than they listed online.

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