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No, Grey Goose Doesn't Make Kirkland Vodka — Here's Who Does

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Costco's Kirkland Signature brand makes a lot of high-quality items found throughout the store (like Kirkland dog food and Kirkland versions of name-brand clothing). But did you know that Kirkland products offer big savings on vodka, too?

There are actually two types of Kirkland vodka that Costco sells — Kirkland Signature French Vodka and Kirkland Signature Premium Domestic Vodka. Both offer significant savings when compared to their name-brand counterparts. This means you're paying $15 - $24 less per bottle for pretty similar knockoffs.

So it's only natural to ask, "Who makes Kirkland vodka?" And why is it so cheap?

One wildly popular rumor is that Grey Goose makes Kirkland vodka. But that is just not the case. Costco’s suppliers have simply created two copycat versions that cost around 50% less. Let's dive into who actually makes Kirkland vodka as well as how it stacks up to competitors based on taste (spoiler alert: it's surprisingly smooth!).

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Who makes Kirkland vodka?


The Kirkland premium domestic vodka is produced and bottled by Fairmont, Ltd. in Mira Loma, California. I did some digging and found out that Fairmont Ltd vodka is just a name used by the LeVecke Corporation, who makes Costco vodka and also distributes other brands of spirits like Kentucky Walker Bourbon, Three Birds Hard Seltzer, and Los Cabos Margaritas.

The Kirkland French vodka (the one that people often compare to Grey Goose) is bottled by Distillerie De Gayant in Douai, France, and imported by Misa Imports, Inc., based out of Dallas, Texas.

So although Kirkland is a Costco brand, it's separate companies who handle the production and bottling processes behind the scenes.

Grey Goose Does Not Make Kirkland Vodka


The Grey Goose rumor has been around for years, but it’s simply not true — Grey Goose doesn't make Kirkland's French vodka. In fact, Grey Goose even has a whole page on their website debunking the rumor.

As they note on the page, "This viral claim is completely false, and Grey Goose Vodka does not produce nor privately label Kirkland vodka."

The Grey Goose website points out that their vodka is only distilled one time, while Kirkland French vodka is distilled five times. And the Grey Goose distilling process happens in Picardy, France, which is about 69 miles from the location where Kirkland vodka gets distilled (Douai, France).

The reason the internet rumors probably started is that Kirkland French vodka is pretty high quality, especially at such a low price (about $19.99 for 1.75 L). The Kirkland label also says that it gets distilled in France. And when people think of excellence in French vodka, their minds likely go to Grey Goose.

But Grey Goose has repeatedly denied claims that they produce Kirkland. So while there's both a French and American version of Kirkland vodka, neither are made by Grey Goose.

Where You Can Buy Costco's Kirkland Vodka


Since Kirkland is a Costco store brand, you'll find it for sale at Costco warehouse locations that carry alcohol. Most people assume you can only buy Kirkland vodka at Costco, but that's actually not true.

Depending on your state, you may see Kirkland vodka for sale at regular liquor stores, though it'll likely be priced higher than at Costco.

For example, people on Reddit have reported seeing Kirkland Signature French vodka priced at $21 at non-Costco liquor stores in Indiana, Michigan, and Colorado. And a Total Wine store in Ann Arbor, Michigan, confirmed to me that they do carry Kirkland French vodka (1.75 L for $21.61).

KCL TIP: Not every Costco store sells liquor due to state laws. Some stores (like mine in Florida) require alcohol to be sold in a separate section of the store, so your Costco liquor section may have a different entrance — and require a separate transaction.

How does Kirkland vodka taste?

When the French version of Kirkland vodka is put up against Grey Goose in blind taste tests (like this one from BuzzFeed), it scores about the same or sometimes even better.

I bought the Kirkland domestic vodka to taste it for myself and was surprised at the smoothness, especially given the fact that I paid less than $14 for a giant 1.75-L bottle. I noticed none of the strong taste or smell you'd usually get with a cheap bottle of vodka. In fact, you could have fooled me that the Kirkland vodka wasn't Tito's Handmade Vodka printed with a different label!

Their taste similarities do make sense, though, sense Kirkland domestic vodka and Tito's are both made from corn and distilled six times (as noted on their labels).

KCL TIP: The generous Costco return policy will typically allow you to return any item you're not 100% satisfied with, but in some states, they won't accept alcohol returns because it's prohibited by law. Check with your location's membership desk before you buy Kirkland vodka if you're worried you might not like it.

Is Kirkland vodka worth it?

Based on taste tests, product reviews, and the cost, Kirkland vodka is definitely worth a buy if you're needing to stock your bar with spirits in bulk. And unlike some Kirkland food products that have expiration dates, you don't have to worry about this one spoiling on the shelf if you don't use it up right away.

I can personally vouch for the domestic vodka being almost indistinguishable in taste from Tito's Handmade Vodka — and at a fraction of the price.

If you compare the Kirkland Signature French Vodka price ($19.99 at Costco) to Grey Goose ($43.99 at Costco), you'd save 55% by going with the Kirkland knockoff. That's $24 back in your pocket per bottle.

And with the Kirkland Signature Premium Domestic Vodka ($13.49 at Costco) compared to the same size bottle of Tito's ($28.49 at Costco), you'd save 53% with the Kirkland brand. That's a savings of $15 per bottle.

Just think — if you were to buy just three bottles of Kirkland French vodka in one year, you’d have more than made up for the $60 membership fee to join Costco. You might even be able to trick some of your guests into thinking you’re serving up the more expensive stuff.

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