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Costco’s store brand, Kirkland, makes a lot of high-quality products. Not all of them are priced for savings, but the ones that are? The amount of money you can save is pretty impressive. No Kirkland product shines brighter than their vodka. It scores really well on blind taste tests, sometimes outperforming the much pricier competitor of Grey Goose. The savings can be as high as $35 per bottle (no joke). With that in mind, a question frequently pondered by budget-minded cocktail enthusiasts is, “Who makes Kirkland vodka?”

One wildly popular rumor is that Grey Goose makes Kirkland vodka. But that isn’t the case. However, Costco’s suppliers have created a pretty powerful copycat version. We’re diving into who actually makes Kirkland vodka as well as other Kirkland products that can help you save a ton of money without sacrificing quality.

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Who makes Kirkland vodka?

A bottle of Kirkland Vodka on a table

Kirkland vodka is produced by the LeVecke Corp. in Mira Loma, California. Kirkland is a Costco brand, but LeVecke also produces some other brands in the wine and spirits space that you may be aware of like:

  • Three Birds Hard Seltzer
  • Kentucky Walker
  • Whiskey Row
  • Fid Street
  • Devlin
  • Soggy Dollar
  • Laya
  • Mahina

And there are plenty more, too.

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The Grey Goose rumor has been around for years, but it’s not true.

For years, there have been rumors that Kirkland is just Grey Goose vodka sold in different packaging at a cheaper price. This is patently false.

The reason the internet rumors probably started is that Kirkland vodka is pretty high quality, especially at such a low price. And when people think of excellence in vodka? Their minds go to Grey Goose.

But Grey Goose has repeatedly denied claims that they produce Kirkland. While there’s a French and American version of Kirkland vodka, neither are made by Grey Goose.


Kirkland vodka is an excellent deal.

Some Kirkland Vodka stocked on a shelf at Costco

While Grey Goose doesn’t make Kirkland vodka, when the French version of Kirkland vodka is put up in blind taste tests against Grey Goose, it scores about the same or sometimes even better.

Kirkland’s French vodka costs about $24.99 for 1.75 L. (The American version is cheaper at $16.99 per 1.75 L).

Grey Goose on the other hand? It will run you about $59.99 per 1.75 L. That’s a price difference of $35 per bottle!

If you buy just two bottles of vodka throughout the entire year, you’ll have more than made up for the $60 membership fee to join Costco. You might even be able to trick some of your guests into thinking you’re serving up expensive Grey Goose while you’re at it.



Look to other Kirkland products, from batteries to bacon, to save some cash.

Here’s the deal: Kirkland is hit or miss. Some of their products mirror the high-end quality of other brands at a much lower price point, while others are great quality but not necessarily a great deal.

To help you optimize your shop, here are a few other Kirkland products that feel luxe for dramatically less.

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Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil

If you do a lot of cooking, you probably go through a lot of this stuff. Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) is super high quality and comes in industrial sizes. You can get 2 L for just $15.99!

Kirkland Signature Organic Animal Crackers

These animal crackers consistently score as some of the best on the market when it comes to blind taste tests! Plus, they’re cheaper than most other options (even the non-organic ones) at just $12.82 for 64 ounces, depending on location. That comes out to about $0.20 per ounce.

Kirkland Bacon

The price of bacon is finally going down this year, and there’s no better way to celebrate than with Kirkland Bacon. This fan-favorite costs about $14.72 per pound depending on your location, but again, we’re expecting bacon prices to go down even further in 2023. So don’t be surprised if you see it even cheaper.

Kirkland Signature Batteries

Grey Goose may not make Kirkland vodka. But you know who actually does make Kirkland Signature batteries?


That’s right. Yes, THAT Duracell.

Even in the aisles of Costco, you’ll find that Kirkland Signature batteries are cheaper than Duracell, though they’re made by the same people. Right now, Kirkland Signature AA batteries are about $0.38 each at Costco, while Duracell AA batteries are selling for about $0.50 each at the warehouse club.

It’s a no brainer: go with the cheaper batteries, especially since you know the quality is about the same.

No, Grey Goose Doesn't Make Kirkland Vodka — Here's Who Does