If you’re a devoted coupon clipper, you know that the number of inserts in a newspaper varies each week. If you aren’t aware of the coupon-insert cycles, finding these variations can be like riding an emotional roller coaster (believe me, I know). To spare you from this ride, we’ve compiled some tips to help you understand how coupon inserts work.

1. The basics of ordering coupon inserts


The best place to find coupons is in the Sunday paper. There are three different inserts that come out on a regular basis: Smart Source (SS), Red Plum (RP) and Procter & Gamble (PG). To become a Krazy Coupon Lady (or Gent), you'll want to get your hands on two to four copies of each of these coupon inserts. Sounds a bit bizarre, but the way to save krazy money is to buy multiple products when they're at rock-bottom prices.

Holiday weekends such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, and Labor Day tend to have fewer or no inserts. In comparison, the first weekend of the month often has the most inserts.

2. When to get fewer newspapers

If you check our website every Saturday morning around 8:30 AM MST, you’ll find a preview of coupons being sent out the next day in the Sunday paper. If you find that the upcoming inserts won’t have many coupons you’ll use or there will only be one insert, you may choose to only buy one or two copies of the newspaper that weekend.

If it’s a holiday weekend and there won’t be any inserts, you may opt to hold your subscription for that week (often with the option of crediting your account or donating your newspaper to a local classroom).

3. When to stock up on newspapers

When you know there will be multiple inserts or inserts filled with your favorite coupons, stock up! Look into picking up additional copies at the store or newsstand, make sure to check your local Dollar Tree to see if they carry $1 Sunday papers! If you don’t want to shell out extra dollars, try asking friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors for unused inserts (perhaps in exchange for some of the freebies you’ll score)!

4. The most convenient way to organize your inserts


Instead of spending time clipping every coupon from your Sunday inserts, use the file-box organization method and simply slip the entire insert into a folder labeled with the date. When we post deals, we’ll indicate the date the insert containing the coupon was sent out, making couponing super easy especially when you’re pressed for time.

Here’s an example:

How to Properly Order Newspapers for Coupon Inserts