P&G is making a move that might make it harder for you to stock up on your favorite brands including Gillette, Downy, Secret, Olay and more.

Starting this Sunday July 2, you’ll notice new, red letters on your P&G coupons, outlining even stricter limits than before.


P&G coupons will now read “Limit of 2 identical coupons per household per day.”

This means you can only use two identical coupons at a time. Not just in one transaction (shopping trip), but in one day. Per family.

In 2010, P&G brought us the “4 like coupons in one shopping trip” restriction. In 2016 P&G introduced some coupons with dates only valid for two weeks (instead of the typical one month).

And we’ve noticed over recent months how a few P&G coupons here and there had showed up with the new “limit of 2 identical coupons per household per day” restriction.

But we were kinda looking the other way and crossing fingers and toes, hoping that P&G would make it stop. Nevertheless, it seems those limits are here to stay and they’re going to be printed on every P&G coupon going forward.

If you want to use more than two coupons, you’ll have to wait until the next day to do it.



P&G hopes this move will mean more inventory for shoppers.

In P&G’s ideal world, the diapers wouldn’t be gone the next day exactly because of the new coupon restrictions.

But there’s no guarantee, and couponers — especially lower-income families who rely on the savings they experience from couponing — are worried.


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You’ll still be able to stockpile P&G products–it just might take you more time.

We think you should stockpile on!

This move won’t stop us from building our three- and six-month supplies of our favorite P&G products. It just might take more deals over a longer period of time.


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P&G Introduces New Coupon Restrictions This Sunday